Former NC Gov. Pat McCrory says he can’t find a job because everyone thinks he’s a bigot

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

In an interview with the evangelical Christian podcast WORLD, Pat McCrory says he’s having a tough time finding a job after being defeated in last year’s gubernatorial election.

The former one-term Republican governor says that failed anti-LGBTQ “bathroom bill” he signed into law last year “has impacted me to this day, even after I left office. People are reluctant to hire me, because, ‘oh my gosh, he’s a bigot’–which is the last thing I am.”

In a followup interview with The News & ObserverMcCrory says it’s not really fair to punish people for their political beliefs.

“That’s not the way our American system should operate–having people purged due to political thought,” he says.

McCrory went on to say he’s been able to cobble together an income by doing consulting work. He tried getting a part-time teaching gig at a university but the school was reluctant to hire him out of concern over “student protests.”

But the North Carolina Democratic Party isn’t falling for McCrory’s sob story. It released a statement in response to McCrory’s whining, saying:

“North Carolina has already lost hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity and thousands of jobs as a direct result of House Bill 2, but I guess we can start adding Gov. McCrory’s career to the total as well.”

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  • natekerchel

    Boo Hoo. here we have a man who as Governor of North Carolina cut unemployment benefits and health care. In addition he repealed anit-discrimination legislation that afforded some protection to people on death row who alleged racial discrimination (Racial Justice Act 2009) – he tried to bring in photo i.d. qualifications for voting – struck down as ‘racist’ by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals – he positively rushed to sign ‘House Bill 2’ which forbids the reintroduction of anti-discrimination protections for lgbt people and forces gender specific use of bathrooms. But he claims he is not a bigot. The record speaks for itself Mr. McCrory. Let’s hope that sometime soon he has to rely on unemployment benefits and medicaid. Miserable creep – no sympathy here.

  • Giancarlo85

    I hope all more republicans will be like him in 2018 and 2020. They need to be booted out and rendered unhirable. But there is always Faux News. Better not give him any ideas.

    • Giancarlo85

      BTW. As far the orange emperor we may not have to wait that long. The Azerbaijan story and his ties to an oligarch with active links to drug traffickers and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, may be his end. That story will spread and he must be prosecuted.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I think they’re hiring at Chik-Fil-A.

  • Low Country Boy

    And let’s not forget that he dug his heels in and refused to concede the race for weeks, which certainly did not win him many admirers.

  • Etseq

    So political beliefs should be a protected category but not sexuality? STFU

  • nowliveit

    Awe, Everyone is out to get him. Poor thing. Life’s unfair. NOT
    In this case life is fair and instead of blaming others for his predicament…this is called a moment of karmic reckoning. Most decent people would recognize this is the result of ‘what goes around comes around’. Reap the seeds of the harvest that he planted in his own life.

    Republicans are so adept at playing the victim card when they don’t get their way. Grow a pair and own up to your own doing.

  • Chris

    If people who share his political beliefs won’t hire him, that says a lot about his character or their loyalty or both.

  • NateOcean

    Karma’s a bitch, eh?

  • ChrisK

    Ha. Notice how posts like this keep away the usual Republican trolls. Not much was to spin this asshole.

  • rbernard

    Isn’t it weird how bigots never view themselves as bigots?
    Never the less, Pat McCrory is one of the worst bigoted politicians of our time.
    McCrory has a long reputation of slandering and demonizing the LGBTQ as mayor of Charlotte and as governor of North Carolina.
    To smite them more, he took away their rights by signing the hateful HB2 into law which rescinded all local LGBTQ ordinances in the state, wiped out minimum wage laws in NC cities, and made transsexuals in public bathrooms illegal. For doing such, he brought a punishing national boycott shaming North Carolina for passing a hate law.
    McCrory says it is not fair to punish someone for their political beliefs and I say, until he unceremoniously shows contrition and repents, McCrory deserves to reap what he has sown and be marginalized until the day he dies.

    • natekerchel

      Precisely rbernard – when it comers to justifying their prejudice people like him are fond of quoting that great morality tome – the bible. If he cares to look up Galatians Chapter 6 verses 7-8 he will find this ‘ For whatever ones sews, that will he also reap’. The only thing I disagree about is I don’t care if he repents – it would be insincere and self-serving. He was happy to discriminate against people for all of their lives – let him suffer the same fate.

  • Gina

    Well, at least Pat can take refuge in the restroom that conforms with his gender identity for a good cry. Too bad, at least in government buildings in North Carolina, I and my transgender brothers and sisters can’t. When McCrory signed HB2 into law I said that my most fervent wish was that people like him suffer the fates they wished for their victims. Looks like I might be getting my wish!

  • DCguy

    He could try to get a job at Sweetcakes by Melissa. Oh wait, he can’t, those bigots were forced to close their shop.

    Ooopps, bigotry is expensive isn’t it Pat?

  • Giancarlo85

    He should apply at the Trump “administration”. Perpetual liar? Check. Loves compromising the nation? Check. Willing to throw people under the bus? Check.

    Where are the gay Republican buffoons now? Scared about all the stories of corruption? The fake hotel in Baku could land Trump and his associates in prison in the end.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    For every Republican who voted for Sessions, may they all be seen as the spineless, obsequious snivelers, forever. cough-cough-Chaffetz cough-Ryan. Once a serf always a serf, eh, Paul? This Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was a new low for the GOP. Elizabeth Warren lodged a political trochanter shot to the Republicans during the Sessions session concession. Coretta Scott King’s letter was amplified, as was the lack of character Republicans have. Irreparable damage

  • radiooutmike

    Some days, you know I just wish I had a magic wand!

    *tink* Mr. McCrory, you are now experiencing gender dysmorphia!

    *tink* Ms. MrCrory, you now must choose what restroom to use!

    P.McCrory: “Oh dear, I just really feel uncomfortable using a men’s room. I just want to use the women’s room or genderless one just so I don’t put anyone out. Oh no, I really did not think this through.”

    People purged for political thought? No. Bigoted thought, yes.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    and…after you wave your wand and make McCrory a female, he’ll be paid less for doing the same work.

  • tommy4429

    Oh how the chickens are coming home to roost. Gov. Pat McCrory you are a bigot, a fraud and a liar. You should never align yourself with Tony Perkins who runs a front for a hate group. You cannot say that you didn’t know. Your actions while in office have consequences and you are the one who is the benefactor of those actions.

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