SOUNDBITES — “I don’t generally opt into a game with ‘Hi guys, I’m a lesbian,’ so more of the abuse I’ve had over the years has been about gender more than sexuality. ‘Get back in the kitchen, bitch’ is one that is thrown around quite a lot. I can only imagine the types of things these kinds of gamers would say were my gamertag more lesbian affiliated. I recall a session a few years ago where I was in a room and the discussion [other players] were having turned to ‘queers.’ I stayed in the room a minute or so and was fairly stunned by the uninformed mentality. I made my opinion known politely and was flooded with abuse, which continued even after I left the room. It was highly unpleasant. [… Looking] at this from the lesbian perspective, if I want to identify as a lesbian so other lesbians can find me, I can’t. I also cannot even mention this in my bio. On the one hand, it can be argued this is a measure of protection by Microsoft to limit the homophobia I may get. But surely that should be my choice. I can’t even put the Lesbian Gamers URL in my bio. So who is actually being punished?” —Angela Simpson, content manager for, explaining how video game companies’ LGBT policies can infringe on being out in gaming (via)

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