Gay-Accepting Christians Going To Hell Right Alongside Gays, Says Pat Robertson

pat-robertson-healthy-360x240What wisdom does Pat Robertson have to share with the world this week?

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A fan wrote in to the 700 Club concerned with all that devilish acceptance they’d witnessed in a house of God.

“I was visiting a church with a Christian friend of mine. I was shocked that the pastor was openly gay and talked about this with everyone. I asked my friend if he accepted this and he said he did because he did not think it was a sin. I left the church later and told my friend I would not be going back because I think this is a sin against Christianity. Was I right or wrong to leave?”

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Robertson, visibly agitated that this issue hasn’t been firmly put to rest by now (God clearly said it’s an abomination, like, four thousand years ago), informed the viewer:

“To have a church saying [homosexuality] is not a sin, it’s okay, they’re leading people down the road to perdition…If I were you, I would stay far away from them.”

Watch below:

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