Gay Congressman Wants Answers On Rentboy Raid

00_Cover_Rentboy_2014_CalendarHard to believe, but the saga is still far from over. Federal officials are still trying to put the CEO away. But there’s some good news: our friends in Congress are getting involved.

Sean Patrick Maloney, an openly gay congressman from New York, has written a letter to the Department of Homeland Security and the Attorney General, demanding to know why they singled out for prosecution.

“As you know, this website operated entirely out in the open for nearly two decades,” Maloney wrote. “I am deeply concerned that your investigators were more motivated by the nature and orientation of the sexual activity facilitated by than whatever unremarkable offenses the website’s operators may have assisted.”

He adds, “in America, gay sex is not a crime.”

Maloney is asking them to respond in writing to explain why they’ve targeted the site.

It’s hard to say exactly what motivated the government to attack one of the safest, most professionally run escort sites in the world. But if we had to guess, we might suspect that “money” played a role. The Department of Justice wants to keep millions of dollars that it took from the company — money that doesn’t belong to them, and was earned by honest hardworking people.

In the mean time, escorts have had to switch to less secure methods to continue working, which puts everyone at risk. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. The sooner the government gives up this attack on gay sex and provides restitution to Rentboy, the better.