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  • j

    I actually find this headline really offencive, seeing as steve does nothing of the sort. I don’t usually comment on queerty’s stupid headlines but yeah, I’ll make this an exception.

  • Jen

    From the linked article:

    “Referring to his environmental platform, Bono Mack said the only thing “green” about Pougnet is that he’s “green with envy” in his quest for higher office.”

    Yuck. Teenage style ad hom right in the debate. I’m surprised she didn’t call him a h8ter.

    Though she is no longer a Scientologist herself, there is some evidence that Bono Mack is still sympathetic to their cause. Gold Base is in her district, which makes this more unsettling.

    And of course the more obvious problems with her Republicanism and voting record…

    Go Steve Pougnet!

  • L.

    @j: +1

    Plus, let’s imagine the reaction had a “straight” news organization run *that* headline.

  • Bill


  • Dave

    Great headline! Made me stop and read it. Plus the man makes a lot of sense and is nice to look at.

  • Rob

    Hey Queerty, congratulations on being self hating bigots. I didn’t realize I logged onto World Net Daily. Steve has done a great job as Mayor of Palm Springs and is a viable candidate for Congress. On top of that, he lives in the district. Why do we insist on eating our own?

  • Tony

    I find this headline horribly offensive. This is a straight forward ad which is directed towards all people/families. Come on Queerty, grow up and in Ron’s words why do you choose to eat our own? How about including position statements and what he would do if elected? Now that would be an article…

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