“Gay for (low) pay”: Fans outraged over Stephen Amell’s t-shirt saying he’d go gay for $20

Hunky Arrow star Stephen Amell made an appearance at Vancouver Pride last weekend, where he sported a novelty t-shirt that read: “I’m not gay, but $20 is $20”.

Happy Pride. ? ? ?

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Kinda funny, right?

Apparently, not everyone thought so.

Mikey Keating over at Instinct found it particularly offensive. So much so that he managed to write an entire op-ed about it.

“I don’t doubt that Amell isn’t an ally: He even appeared in two episodes of the silver screen gay Bible, Queer As Folk,” Keating writes. “But the shirt choice is just, stupid. That shirt is basically saying you’ll be gay for (low) pay.”

“I can’t believe these shirts are still in circulation!” he adds.

Thankfully, not everyone found the shirt so utterly reprehensible.

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