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Gay man ghosted by his date for the most ridiculous reason

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A gay man in Manchester, England, has seen one of his tweets go viral after being told by a date that he didn’t want to see him again.

Jacques (@flamencolambada), 23, posted the message he received from the man to his Twitter.

“Hey man, sorry for not messaging until now. I enjoyed our date last week but when you said the phrase ‘put my thinking cap on’ it kinda gave me the ick so I wasn’t really interested in pursuing things. Also do you know of any like soul funk hip hop disco kind of vibes DJs in Manchester?”

At the time of writing, the tweet has had over 72k likes and hundreds of comments.

We appreciate that little, inexplicable things can prove a turn-off to some people, but we’ve rarely heard of anything as petty as someone using the phrase “Put my thinking cap on” as a passion killer.

Then there’s the fact that Jacques’ date ghosted him for ten days, and then only messaged when he wanted to pick his brains about something (we hope “pick your brains” doesn’t also give some people “the ick”).

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Jacques told Queerty that he, “wasn’t super surprised” to not get a second date, “as he was quite awkward on the date and then ghosted me for ten days before sending this!”

Asked how he felt about the message, he said, “It just made me laugh as it was so absurd, but also a pretty accurate reflection of dating in Manchester!”

Many of those to respond came up with suggested replies.

Others said that anyone who uses “Gave me the ick”, had no right to police others on their use of phrases.

Here are some more reactions.

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