Stop the presses: the Log Cabin Republicans think anyone cares about their opinion on Chelsea Manning.

“Chelsea Manning is no hero, and the commutation of her sentence is appalling,” said the group in a press release. Well, the LCR’s continued collaboration with the party that turned AIDS into an epidemic is appalling too, but what are you going to do?

“She was imprisoned for traitorous clandestine activity that put military lives at risk. Her actions — and President Obama’s clemency — are nothing to celebrate,” the press release continued. Oh, brother.

In 2010, Chelsea leaked nearly a million classified documents and some video material that she believed showed the United States engaging in war crimes. We’ll be debating the actual impact of her actions for many, many years — a lot of credible people say that it helped spark the Arab Spring and spread democracy in the Middle East; others say that she endangered many spies and put lives at risk.

Whether she’s a hero or a villain is a complicated question, but what’s not complicated is queer Republicans’ absurd claim to moral high ground, to which the only acceptable response is a hearty belly laugh. The party just adopted its most LGBT-hostile platform in history; the incoming administration is staffed almost exclusively with people who have acted to harm queer people; and Republicans will be responsible for widespread suffering throughout the queer community over the next four years.

So go ahead, LCR, and lecture us on morality from your seat next to the reality television rabble-rouser  in chief.

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