Gay Tow Truck Driver Has The Perfect Response To Homophobic Motorist

bporpt9onqoqxgr4xd3oIt’s generally a good idea to avoid head-on confrontation with bigots, because unless they have a willingness to approach their prejudice with an open mind, what starts as civil conversation can quickly devolve into a heated screaming match.

Once it reaches that point, both parties wind up feeling like their perspective has been validated.

But of course, rules are made to be broken, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t feel some deep satisfaction at the response a gay tow truck driver gave when he noticed the antigay bumper stickers on the car he was tasked with relocating.

The photo quickly went viral after it was shared by the Facebook group Have A Gay Day.

Maybe the tower didn’t do much in the way of changing hearts and minds, but he definitely gave us a Monday morning smile.

That’s got to be worth something:


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