A young gay couple hugs and kisses on a nondescript city sidewalk. The man on the left has shaved blonde hair and wears a purple hoodie. The man on the right has long dark hair and an earring. He wears a sea green crewneck sweater.

Breaking news: love is real! 🚨🚨🚨

While the dating scene can be brutal, we’re constantly surrounded by reminders that two people can make it work –– from BD Wong and hubby Richert Schnorr, to Hacks‘ Jordan Gavaris, and even Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

That being said, happily ever after is not only reserved for the rich and famous.

As a recent viral thread on Twitter X is showing us, there’s a million different ways that regular LGBTQ+ people are finding love. And no two stories are the same!

In the original post, user @_thelittletrad asked social media at-large to share “the story of how you met your [significant other],” even if “it’s ‘not interesting.'”

The call for love stories has since received over 22.4 million views and more than 12,000 responses.

From dating apps to adorable meet-cutes, they just might make you believe in romance again. Or feel hopelessly single.

Unsurprisingly, many queer people recounted meeting their partner via dating apps like Tinder, Jack’d, and yes, even Grindr.

According to a 2022 Pew Research Center survey, LGBTQ+ Americans are “far more likely” to use a site or app than their straight counterparts.

(Apparently 51% of queer people have tried online dating compared to only 28% of heterosexuals. Call that straight privilege!)

Across the board, Tinder was the most popular choice for women while the men opted for Grindr, with six-in-ten queer guys having checked the orange demon app out.

That being said, a handful of gays on Twitter recounted meeting their lover on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and even a “Doctor Who action figure forum.”

So perhaps this is your sign to slide into those DMs!

Nevertheless, not everyone had the internet to thank for their great queer romance.

And to the delight of anyone who’s ever spent hours poring over slash fan fiction, it appears that the “friends-to-lovers trope” is alive and well. (Heartstopper‘s impact!)

That being said, not everyone has a social media worthy love story just yet.

And if you’re scrolling through these love stories feeling bitter, pessimistic, and reaching for the red wine, you’re certainly not alone.

As another Pew Research Center study revealed, three-in-ten Americans are single and queer people are statistically more likely to still be searching for the one.

According to the report, 51% of LGBTQ+ adults are single, opposed to 28% of straight adults. Furthermore, a majority of single Americans said they were not looking for a relationship either.

Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, happily taken, or resolved to living a solitary life with your cats, you can at least appreciate the fact that these queer couples are making it work against the odds.

And hey! If all else fails, Grindr is reportedly rolling out “AI boyfriends” in the near future!

Check out more of our fave LGBTQ+ love stories from the post below.

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