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WARNING: The post below may inspire feelings of extreme FOMO and jealousy. Proceed with caution.

Recently, beauty influencer Bretman Rock’s millions of followers put their detective hats on when a hunky mystery man began popping up in the social media stars videos.

After Rock shared a video of the two making sweet music together (literally) on his secondary TikTok account, fans began to wonder: Who is this guy? Is this a relationship “soft launch”? And, could Bretman’s life possibly get any dreamier?


♬ original sound – Da One N Only

Well, that first question proved extremely easy to answer—this is the internet, after all.

Though his face doesn’t appear in the initial video, fans quickly deduced that muscled back belongs to a man named Justice Fester who, per his social media, is 26, lives in Hawaii, and is (like Rock) absolutely stunning.

And, sure enough, Rock’s made some appearances on Fester’s TikTok, too. In a video shared on May 5—weeks before Rock’s post—the two can be seen comparing paintings they made of one another’s faces. The paintings are… okay (no offense, guys), but the video? It’s absolutely adorable.

In a follow up clip, the guys are seen lounging on a lush, green lawn—a scenic view of Hawaii in the background—as Rock’s pet dogs frolic around them. “Lost but now i am found,” Fester writes in the caption. Come on! Does it get any cuter than this???


Lost but now i am found ☀️

♬ original sound – Justice

So, what’s going on here, exactly? Did these videos constitute a “boyfriend reveal,” or was this just an instance of two beautiful friends hanging out, enjoying each other’s company, and making us extremely jealous?

Thankfully, Rock finally provided some clarity while guesting on friend and fellow social star Quenlin Blackwell’s super popular YouTube channel.

As the two cooked up a homemade version of Filipino chain Jollibee’s fried chicken and spaghetti, the beauty influencer spilled the tea on how he first met Fester—and how their relationship’s been six years in the making!

“Do you believe in the red string, or the string theory?,” Rock asked his friend. “Kind of like right person wrong time?”

“Basically, I met this man six years ago—I had no business being in the club,” he joked. “And we saw each other at the [club,] and I never really hit up on anybody, but I could tell that his friends were telling him to hit me up, but I was like, he just gives very hetero vibes, and I’m not about to get rejected by a hetero at the club.”

But once he confirmed Fester wasn’t straight, Rock made his move. He said hello, they took a shot together, then he put on some lip gloss, which apparently made Fester conscious that maybe his lips were dry—that’s when Rock went in for the kiss.

They went out for some dinner shortly after with their friends, but everyone was so drunk and loud that the two didn’t get much conversation in. Then they went their separate ways; no numbers exchanged or anything, and Rock’s friend even said they thought Fester was seeing someone else. Was that all they were meant to be? Just a kiss at the club?

“Fast forward to six years later,” Rock continued. “I went scrolling on TikTok, and I saw this man’s TikTok, and I’m just staring at it like, ‘Why does this [guy] look so familiar?’”

Rock followed the clues to Fester’s linked Instagram account, which was set to private, but he jokes he was “ready to risk it all” and ready to slide into the DMs. And that’s when he discovered that Fester had actually DMed him six years ago—after that fateful night—apologizing for the awkward dinner and asking him out on a proper date.

“So, six years later, I’m like, ‘Is that date still on the table?’ And that very day we went on a date.”

Rock says the pair had an instant connection, feeling like no time had passed since the night they met. And clearly things have gone well since because the two have made frequent appearances in one another’s posts, including this video where they’re setting up an inflatable pool on Rockman’s deck, toasting to the tune of Billie Eilish’s romantic anthem “Birds Of A Feather”:


We always have so much fun haha

♬ BIRDS OF A FEATHER – Billie Eilish

In Blackwell’s YouTube video, Rock said he’d saving some of the details of he and Fester’s fling for a podcast that’s coming out soon—and we’re sure those details will be almost unbearably sweet as well.

But at least we can watch along and live vicariously through them, no? So, in the meantime, scroll down below for a few more of the most fire posts from Rock and Fester’s pages. We’re sure we’ll eb seeing more and more of them together soon!

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