Side by side image of NASA lunar suit prototype and George Santos in a bright yellow tie

NASA released images of its new lunar suit and nobody’s more excited about it than New York’s very own disgraced gay congressman/former drag queen George Santos/Kitara Ravache.

In the dumbest thing you’ll see all day, Santos channels his inner Project Runway judge by critiquing an image of the prototype, which he describes as “pretty cool”, “awesome”, and “gnarly-looking.”

“I personally like it,” he chirps at the top of the video. “I like orange. And I think it gives it a lot of personality. It’s a pretty cool-looking suit!”

“I know everyone’s used to the whole white space suit and the whole floatiness, but I think the black is pretty sleek. I think the orange gives it a pop of color. And I, quite frankly, think this looks like the future.”

Santos goes on to praise the garment for being exactly what he expected when NASA announced it was coming out with a new lunar suit. But he has one question.

“Isn’t it dark on the dark side of the Moon?” he asks. “Why is this suit black?”

How, the congressman wonders, will the astronauts possibly see each other in outer space???

“I trust the folks at NASA know what they’re doing because I clearly know nothing about space travel,” he eventually says, which honestly surprises us since we assumed he must have been an astronaut at some point in his career, given his extensive resume.

“NASA,” he concludes, “you get a thumbs up from Congressman George Santos!”

OK, a few fact checks…

First, it’s called the “far side” of the Moon, not the “dark side.” And it’s called this because it’s the side that faces away from the Earth. Both sides of the Moon experience sunlight and darkness in two week intervals. Read more about it here.

Also, the prototype Santos is critiquing in the video (which, BTW, was designed by the Houston-based aerospace company Axiom Space under contract from NASA, not by NASA itself) is a display-only dust cover for the actual suit, which will feature a white external layer for thermal purposes.

Now, we’re 99.99% sure that nobody at Axiom Space or NASA was waiting for Santos’ stamp of approval before officially launching the new lunar suit. People on Twitter don’t seem to care either.

Here’s how they’ve been reacting to Santos’ fashion critique…

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