Comic book publishing giant DC Comics has captured the interest of fans with a new pledge: the publishing label will release an all-queer version of the Justice League later this year, should fans show enough interest.

DC, the label behind the iconic heroes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, made the announcement as part of a new reader engagement campaign designed to help the publishing house steer its output.

Dubbed the “DC Round Robin,” readers will vote on a number of potential titles they want from the company with the winner hitting newsstands later this year.

One of those potential titles: Justice League Queer. A brief plot synopsis describes the story as “Eight young queer heroes investigate a series of monstrous manifestations around the world and discover that something much more terrifying is coming.”

Color us interested.

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While online interest has already begun to swell around the possibility of a new, queer superhero team, Justice League Queer still has some stiff competition. The potential book is one of 16 possible titles under consideration by DC.

Others include Green Lanterns: Underworld On Fire, a team-up between popular Green Lantern characters Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner; Suicide Squad Seven, in which Harley Quinn will lead a band of super-criminals against an evil cult; Paws Off the Justice League, which would follow the adventures of “super pets,” the animal companions of Superman, Batman, et. al. and Robins, a story in which all the former Robins (and in the comics, there are a few) meet up to tell stories about their adventures.

The first round of voting has already begun, with Justice League Queer squaring off against Robins in a tournament-style match-up. At the time of this writing, Robins has a significant lead, with 53.8% of the vote. Five days remain in the campaign, however, so that may yet change.

Interested fans can take part in the polling on Twitter via the official DC Comics Twitter account. 

The possibility of Justice League Queer follows DC’s increasing commitment to diversify its comic book titles and their subsequent spinoffs.

DC made history with the debut of Batwoman in 2019, the first superhero series to feature a lesbian lead character. The forthcoming Green Lantern Corps. series will also feature Alan Scott, an openly gay version of the Green Lantern. Last month, the publisher also announced a special Pride anthology featuring stories about its LGBTQ characters.

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