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HBO just green-lit a ‘Green Lantern’ TV series, and it’s gonna be totes gay

Alan Scott

Anyone who enjoys men in tights, take heed: A new Green Lantern TV series is coming to HBO Max, and will feature an openly-gay version of the superhero.

Deadline reports the new show comes as the brainchild of Greg Berlanti, the TV mastermind behind Arrow, Riverdale, The Flash, Supergirl and more. Seth-Grahame Smith and Marc Guggenheim will head up the writing staff on the series.

In the comic books, the Green Lantern Corps. act as a kind of cosmic police force, fighting off nefarious plots all over the universe. It is also one of the most diverse superhero teams, with a number of Earth-based Lanterns of different backgrounds. That includes Alan Scott, the aging original Green Lantern of Earth, who also happens to be a gay man. Scott originally appeared in comics beginning in 1940, though he didn’t come out of the closet until the 2000s.

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Historically, Alan Scott acts as a kind of mentor to the younger members of the Green Lantern Corps. on Earth, as well as to other fledgling superheroes, though he occasionally does get in on the action himself.

In a statement, Berlanti declared the new show “will be unlike anything seen on television…we will be going to space with a Green Lantern television series, but I can’t reveal any more about that just yet.” Berlanti had previously contributed to the script for the maligned Green Lantern movie in 2011, which starred Ryan Reynolds.

Neither Berlanti nor HBO Max have announced a start or release date for the new production.

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