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Getting To Know The Queens Of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 8 (Part One)

Dragaholic was live on the red carpet of the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 premiere party in New York this past Monday and we got all 12 contestants to spill all the details about the new season!

Get to know four of the 12 queens below, and stay tuned for part two and three next week.

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1. Dax!

rupaul's drag race season 8 new york premiere dax exclamationpoint queen

Dragaholic: Tell us about your look tonight.

Dax: My look is all neoprene! I want to go scuba diving, but first I gotta do this.

What can you tell us about your time on the show?

Everyone dies, in a horrible fire.

Speaking of your look, are we going to see any of your legendary cosplay looks?

Maybe if you’re lucky!

You’re going to have a huge fan following – do you have a name for your fans?


Where’s somewhere you’d like to tour?

I’d really like to go to Australia, the UK, Europe in general. There’s a great scene in the UK. And I speak British pretty well, thanks to Dr. Who.

Did you become close with any of the queens this season?

Cynthia, Laila, Naysha – honestly, everyone’s been really cool! I think we’re all relatively close, all things considered.

So what’s next for you – any upcoming projects?

I’m working on some music right now. And, I’m working on a graphic novel, hopefully to be ready by DragCon. I’m writing, drawing, penciling, inking, coloring – all of it.

When you win, what are you going to do with the $100,000?

Get really drunk!


2. Bob The Drag Queen

rupaul's drag race season 8 new york premiere bob the drag queen

Dragaholic: You’re one of the more famous queens, you’re hugely established here in New York — how does it feel to have such a big fan base going into this?

Bob: It feels really good, but I’m nervous! I hope you all like me no matter what I do on national television.

How do you think you’re going to be portrayed on Drag Race?

Honestly, I’m so me that you can’t edit me to be anything but me. I’ll be loud, I’ll be obnoxious, and I’ll be eventful, if anything.

When you win Drag Race, what are you going to do with the $100,000?

I don’t really have a plan for the $100,000. I’ve never had that much money before, and I paid off my student loans already! So, you know what I’m gonna do? Mark my words: if I win the $100,000, I’m going to buy you a Chipotle burrito.

You should buy Kim Chi one, too.

I cannot satiate Kim Chi’s need for Chipotle. Not even $100,000 can satiate her need for Chipotle.

Tell us about this look!

I’m serving you Barbarella, but I call it Bobarella. Brilliant, I know! My friend Domino Couture made this outfit and conceived it, and she’s a brilliant designer.

What’s your makeup essential?

I’m not really that big of a makeup queen, to be honest. Honestly, if you get your eyebrows together, the rest of your face will be fine.

What’s next for you?

I’m a ridiculous person, I’m an actor, so I’m working on a lot of different characters and my stand-up comedy.

Where would you like to tour?

I want to just go really exotic places like Newark, NJ; Rehoboth, Long Island; Wauwatosa, WI, you know.


3. Naysha Lopez

rupaul's drag race season 8 new york premiere naysha lopez queen

Dragaholic: This is the beginning of the rest of your life – how are you feeling?

Naysha: This entire experience has been absolutely surreal. I’m so excited to jump in this head first and really run with it.

What can you tell us about your experience on Drag Race?

One of the best things that I found really refreshing about this season is that everyone is so different, so talented and eclectic, and that’s really something to appreciate. It’s going to be such a great season!

You’re about to have a huge fan base – do you have a nickname for your fans?

Well, since I do beauty pageants, I refer to myself as “the Beauty.” So, I call my fans “Beauties” because I find the beauty in everyone. There’s no such thing as ugly to me – everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

Speaking of beauty, what is your drag makeup essential?

In order to have beautiful makeup, you have to have beautiful skin. I’m all about skin care and making sure I have a beautiful palette to put all this paint on.

Where’s somewhere you would like to tour?

I am looking forward to going to the UK! It’s one place I haven’t been, and I have a huge fanbase there – I want to get to know them.

When you win, what’re you going to do with the $100,000?

My smart answer is “invest it.” My real answer is shoes, more hair, and costumes galore! And let’s not forget the cosmetics!


4. Cynthia Lee Fontaine

rupaul's drag race season 8 new york premiere cynthia lee fontaine

Dragaholic: Tell us a little about your outfit.

Cynthia: All my inspiration for all my costumes is from Thierry Mugler. And, because I’m in New York, one of the greatest cities for fashion, I wanted to do a little club kid, a little House of Extravaganza.

You’re starting your Drag Race journey – how does it feel?

It’s amazing – it’s just a dream come true. Even something like meeting RuPaul, it’s a pleasure. And working with such an amazing production, with all the girls competing with me, it’s just an amazing experience. This is the opportunity – let’s do it!

When you win, what are you going to do with the $100,000?

Well, first of all, because I love chalupas and burritos – girl, let’s do it! I need to do a trailer for chalupas and burritos!

But if I get the opportunity – because I’m going to fight like crazy for the $100,000 – I would invest the money. I want to do a couple of companies and become an entrepreneur. Let’s do, like, Risky Business! And then from there, still doing TV.

Where would you like to tour?

To be very honest with you, I want to go to Canada! And Brazil! The Brazil fan community is so supportive and so loving and caring. I need to go over there!

What’s next for you?

I want to do recording music production, I want to explore other areas of TV, and tour, tour, tour!

And, I’m doing a YouTube show, “Memoirs of My Cucu!” I talk about my “cucu,” which means my bootie – it used to be children’s slang in Puerto Rico. The show is going to be on my Youtube channel (cynthialeefontaine), and you can see all the crazy things!



Which of the remaining eight queens do you want us to reveal next? Sound off in the comments below!

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