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GOP lawmaker busted for sexting teen boy now accused of misusing funds for lavish office renovations

A cutout of Mike Yenni in the Bush Oval Office

Move over Aaron Schock, there’s a new, totally-not-gay, 100% straight Republican lawmaker accused of misusing public funds to redecorate his office.

Mike Yenni is a local conservative politician from Louisiana. You may remember reading about him this time last year when he was busted for sending x-rated texts to a Catholic school boy. He also bought the teen sexy $75 underpants, encouraged him to send him nude selfies, suggested they have a threesome with another teen boy, and made out with him in a mall bathroom.

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Despite admitting to the “improper” behavior, Yenni insisted he’s “not gay” and that he’s is very happily married to his wife and mother of his three children. He also refused to resign from his post as Jefferson Parish President.

(We should note: It’s very likely Yenni was telling the truth when he said he’s “not gay”; his behavior resembles that of a bisexual.)

Now, the 40-year-old lawmaker has a new potential scandal on his hands. He is being criticized for quietly increasing the budget for improving his office by more than 1,600%, raising it from a modest $11,700 to over $200,000. He then had his office remodeled to look like George W. Bush’s Oval Office in the White House, including a starburst rug nearly identical to the one Bush had.

See the striking resemblance?

Mike Yenni sitting in his office

George W. Bush oval office

Hats off to your interior designer, Mike.

Yenni insists the only things he used public funds for were to buy three new telephones and that he spent his own money to buy all the other stuff, adding that he’s allowed to make his office “as nice as I want it to be as long as taxpayers don’t pay for it.”

But invoices seem to suggest something else might be going on.

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They show that, so far, Yenni’s office has spent $138,000 on upgrades, including adding several $1,000 apiece sleeper sofas, multiple $2,000 apiece leather desk chairs, and two custom-made mahogany desks at $2500 a pop.

The invoices also include things like etched glass doors and a current $7,000 order to have new hardwood floors installed around the perimeter of the starburst rug in Yenni’s private office.

“Regardless of what you think of me as a person, I am very responsible when it comes to taxpayer money,” Yenni insists.

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