Talk about power dynamics! A job seeker realized his upcoming interviewer is actually last week’s daddy, and he solicited advice from Reddit’s r/askgaybros forum.

“Hey homosexuals! Say you’re a grad fresh out of school, things go smooth, you get an interview at a big company, and the interviewer is actually that daddy from last week,” the guy wrote, specifying that the position would be a huge stepping stone.

“What would you do?” he asked. “And what would increase the chance of getting the job? Asking for a friend, obviously.”

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Within its first six hours online, the post racked up more than 60 responses.

One of the most-upvoted comments advised the original poster to let the coincidence go unspoken. “Show some real class,” that commenter wrote. “Be a professional and separate work from social. Be nice, warm, engaging, and let him interview you. Don’t use the interview to flirt, keep that separate.”

Another commenter spoke from personal experience: “I’ve seen hookups in professional situations before. We are professional and just act like nothing ever happened.”

Someone else, meanwhile, said the reverse happened to him: “I saw the interviewer on Scruff a few weeks after the interview. It was actually good for me. I was able to ask what I did well on in the interview and found out why I wasn’t picked for the position.”

“I think as long as your work life and sex life don’t mix, you should be fine,” that commenter added.

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Unfortunately, this particular job seeker might be screwed, so to speak. A lot of commenters expressed pessimism about the guy’s prospects. “People don’t mix work and pleasure without both going badly so he’s probably gonna shut that candidate down ASAP,” one speculated.

Moral of the story? “Don’t get your honey where you make your money,” as another dude wrote.

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