Great News! Your Apple Watch Can Now Get You Laid


The new Apple Watch promises to do a lot of pretty cool things in addition to telling you the time. It can check the weather, email, your pulse, etc.

Thanks to the gay dating app Jack’d, it can also help also help you locate something likely to really get your heart racing: your next sex partner.

In an email to Queerty, the folks over at Online Buddies, the company that owns Jack’d, Manhunt, and Dandy, announced that they’ve been working with Apple developers to make Jack’d the first gay dating app available on the Apple Watch.

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We can’t help but wonder if Tim Cook is going to give it a personal test drive

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  • stanhope

    Should you take it off before a fisting session? Perhaps the tactic function could be useful.

  • Realitycheck

    Am I the only one that find the Apple watch redundant ?
    All of its main functions work only with an iPhone,
    basically its about laziness, don’t need to take the phone
    out of your pocket, use the watch on your wrist with a
    tiny screen……
    I have everything apple, PC, iPad and iPhone, but
    this makes no sense to me.

  • Chris

    Anyone who needs an Apple watch for the above function is a rather sad individual. On the other hand, they could rename it iWatch and people would buy it for THAT purpose.

  • Alan down in Florida

    If I bought an Apple watch I’d have no money left to spend on a date.

  • Bulls Eye

    @Realitycheck: You’re probably not alone. But you’re also probably wrong about that.

    Redundancy is already part of daily life — Do you know anyone with a wristwatch and a smartphone? Why wear a watch?

    Do you want to be able start and warm-up your car from inside the house on cold mornings? How about have it monitor your health and communicating to you and for you in emergencies? For elders, it’ll have be able to detect a heart attack then call an ambulance, or know that you’ve fallen and are unable to get up. And if you really want it to, it’ll probably silently signal you when someone you’ve favorited on your hook-up app is nearby.

    Whether or not this is evident, this device will facilitate many tasks, from the miraculous to the mundane. But it’s going to be a game changer, and it’s just a matter of time before all the communication companies will have a version of this on the shelves, and everyone will have one on their wrist.

  • Realitycheck

    @Bulls Eye:
    Most of my friends have given up watches, of course this is more then a watch so there are definitely some great features, but nothing my iPhone 6p cannot do,
    that said Apple is selling them like howe cakes so kudos to them for making
    another hit product !

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