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Even as the world’s first gay movie Bros heads out of theaters and onto VOD and streaming (where co-star Ts Madison told Queerty she thinks it’ll really get its shine), we’re getting fresh looks at the making of the movie.

In the latest behind the scenes peek, leads Billy Eichner and Luke MacFarlane shared the two straight star actors who were planned to join the movie’s cameo-fest as an onscreen couple, though in a very meta way.

“Liam Hemsworth wanted to do a cameo in the movie — and he was supposed to,” Eichner explains to Yahoo Lifestyle. “We had a whole Zoom meeting with him, and he was lovely and charming and funny, but then Covid hit again and he couldn’t travel from Australia just to do one scene in Bros unfortunately but that would have been fun!”

MacFarlane jokingly interjects with “Australia, you kept Liam from being in Bros!”


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“In the movie, Luke and I go see a movie called The Treasure Inside, which is a fictional movie about two closeted frontiersmen during the California gold rush of 1812,” Eichner shares.

“Sort of indicative of the many movies about tragic, closeted men that we get and in Hollywood real straight actors play them, Brokeback [Mountain] and a million other ones. We were going to shoot scenes from that movie, and Liam was going to be one of the tragic closeted frontiersmen.”

Set to join him in this closeted coupling was another stud with some pretty famous “bros” of his own: Nick Jonas!


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This wouldn’t have been the Jonas’s first time getting a little fruity for the camera. Ryan Murphy got the singer on payroll back in 2015 for his horror-comedy series Scream Queens.

Jonas played Glen Powell’s only slightly predatory gay bestie, Boone (there’s a whole twist where he was actually a killer in love with Keke Palmer’s character and just pretending to be gay, but that’s reaching Inception levels of playing queer).

Though A-list movie-in-a-movie The Treasure Inside won’t see the light of day, Bros is set to gain a whole new audience when it hits Peacock some time in mid-November.

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