Gus Kenworthy’s 8 Things Straight People Should NEVER Say To Their Gay Friends

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Apparently there are things straight people should never say to their gay friends.

We don’t know what kind of friends you have, but ours say some of the most inappropriate and wonderfully hilarious things imaginable, so we’d hate to think there were subjects they weren’t allowed to broach with us.

But Gus Kenworthy and Teen Vogue‘s Phillip Picardi have come up with eight of them.

The sentiment is fine enough — basically don’t stereotype or make assumptions about people. But that advice could come in handy in a lot more scenarios than not making gay people uncomfortable.

But according to the video (and we’re glad to see Gus give a little push-back), questions like “how did you come out?” are off limits. So don’t ask your gay friend how he came out, or else?

Last we checked, there were a few more pressing matters in the world than someone asking their friend how he came out.

Maybe a better title would have been “8 things you probably shouldn’t say to a random gay person you just met on the street, unless you’re an emotionally intelligent person and can tell the other person isn’t uncomfortable.” Guess that’s not as clicky, though.

Watch below:

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