Margaret Atwood Via Flickr
“The most bothersome thing about me is that I’m a strict agnostic. By which I mean there’s a difference between belief and fact. And you should not confuse the two. You can believe all you like that trans people aren’t people, but it happens not to be a fact. It is not true that there are only two boxes. So the two questions to ask about anything are: Is it true? And is it fair? So if it’s not true that there are only two gender boxes and gender is fixed and immutable, then is it fair to treat trans people as if they’re not who they say they are?”–Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, discussing her support for transgender people with The Times, the British daily. Journalist Bryan Appleyard confronted Atwood about JK Rowling’s contempt for transgender people. The anti-trans propaganda newspaper later deleted the Atwood interview even though the author sent Appleyard an article from Scientific American backing her views on gender, according to PinkNews.

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