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Handsome politician makes history appearing on adult website

Meet Benjamin Thomas Wolf, the 43-year-old Democratic congressional candidate for Illinois’ Fifth District.

With the March 20 special election just around the corner, Wolf is doing everything you’d expect: playing bingo at a senior center, shaking countless hands and making his platform known.

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But his campaign has made history for a less-conventional strategy: Wolf has taken out ad space on adult site PornHub.

Not only that, he’s tweeted about it with pride:

And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also smoking a joint in the ad, which includes the caption “legalize it.” We’ll just let you deduce where he comes down on recreational marijuana laws.

“We are going where young voters are,” Wolf told the Observer.

“It’s important to have a progressive voice to move the country forward,” he added. “We’re reaching out to young people to get them to vote. If young people vote, they can get anything they want.”

PornHub boasts a reach of roughly 81 million people a day, 78% of which are people under 40.

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“Their heads are buried in their phones, their eyes are on screens and I am speaking directly to them,” Wolf said.

The ads are set up to appear across Chicago to various demographics using the site, so we can only assume they’re targeted to appear on gay content as well as straight.

Wolf previously served as a national security investigator for the FBI and a special agent and diplomat for the State Department. He’s in favor of universal healthcare and an assault weapons ban, among other progressive stances.

Sounds like a real catch!

Here’s Wolf explaining why assault rifles need to go: