Harry Styles Reacts To Gay Rumors By Creating More Gay Rumors

HarryStyles1Harry Styles made headlines last week when he suggested that he might be bisexual. During an interview he told a reporter that gender is “not that important” when evaluating a potential new mate.

The media (including us) took the story and ran, and it’s easy to imagine Harry getting annoyed with the coverage. His bandmate Louis Tomlinson, by comparison, thought he was being called gay and didn’t take it lightly, getting into a bit of a Twitter spat with a reporter.

But if there’s one person who doesn’t appear at all bothered with Harry Styles bi rumors, it’s Harry Styles. In the wake of all this hubbub, he’s thrown more fuel on the fire.

During an interview, he and the only other romantically available One Direction member, Niall, were asked about their love lives by The Sun. They got into a joking bit about how Niall sleeps with a different girl each week, and the reporter suggested the next person should be a male.

Harry then placed his hand on Niall’s knee and told him, “Don’t knock it ’til you try it.”

In a parallel universe somewhere, Harry leaned over and gave Niall a long, passionate kiss on the lips, putting an end to all this bizarre homoerotic sexual tension once and for all.