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During a show at the club Heaven in London on July 19, the recent winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Aquaria, was booed off the stage.

The 22-year-old performer was tapped to host the club’s weekly edition of Porn Idol, a stripping competition where 8 contestants vie for a £500 prize. The first 7 sign in with the club and the Ru-girl hosting gets to pick the 8th contestant from the audience. Aquaria decided to pick one of her friends, Love Bailey, who had come with her that night.

This upset the audience, and they began to heckle. After the booing continued, Aquaria walked off stage.

On Reddit, one fan explained: “I was there too, and whilst yeah obviously it’s silly to pick your friend to win the £500 cash prize, I think booing is incredibly disrespectful and crass. She was just trying to let everyone see her friends amazing performance skills. And when Aquaria asked if they were gonna keep booing, the audience booed louder and she said she’ll go if they do it again and of course the messy fags booed EVEN LOUDER so she walked off stage. Like, the level of extra…far too much. No wonder Aquaria was over it.”

Aquaria shared video of the incident on her Twitter, with the caption: “Don’t fucking play this. I’m not the fucking one and the fact that y’all probably treat performers like this all over the world is fucking disgusting. This is why girls loathe doing their jobs sometimes. Respect yourself and respect others.”

Many fans pointed out that Aquaria still did the meet and greet she was required to do after the show. However, it looks like fan were disrespectful towards her during that in a different way. She tweeted, “Don’t wrap your greasy reeking underarm around me at a meet and greet if you smell like shit. Do not.”

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