‘Hey Qween!’ Needs Your Help Funding Season 3

Everybody’s favorite gay talk show ‘Hey Qween!’ is seeking your help to fund their third season via IndieGoGo.

Over the last eight months, Jonny McGovern, Lady Red and the whole production team at ‘Hey Qween!’ have been entertaining the world and getting all the tee from all your favorite LGBT entertainers… and they’ve been funding it mostly on their own!

Now, for the first time, Hey Qween is asking for your help to fund their project and continue to bring you more amazing interviews and exclusive tee!

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“We want to up the glamour! We wanna step up the set and the wardrobe! Wouldn’t you like to see Lady Red in some truly outrageous outfits and over the top looks? Or see Jonny interviewing stars on the red carpet? We want to add new remote segments, new graphics and new sound cues. We can do A LOT  more with a bit of a budget.”

For donating to the Hey Qween IndieGoGo campaign, a bunch of awesome prizes are available. To start things off, for $10 you can get an exclusive Hey Qween theme song remix featuring black lady screaming by Lady Red. Other prizes include personalized greetings, Hey Qween t-shirts, an opportunity to visit the Hey Qween set and even a private show in your home from Jonny and Lady Red!

So, hop on over to their IndieGoGo campaign page and help those bitches out! Even if all you can give is $1, all the money you give will go toward making season 3 the fiercest season yet!