Roy, bye!

These hilarious Roy Moore election loss memes make our victory even sweeter

Stars fell on Alabama last night when voters there elected Democrat Doug Jones over alleged pedophile and racist homophobe Roy Moore to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat. It was a tight race, but Jones managed to squeak out a win thanks, in very large part, to African American voters.

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Moore, who Donald Trump fully endorsed and even recorded a robocall for, is being stubborn and has yet to actually concede the election, even though he clearly lost. The alleged sexual predator is refusing to take no for an answer. Go figure.

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Now, we don’t usually take glee in other people’s failures… except in the case of racist homophobic (alleged) pedophiles who long for the days of slavery.

Scroll down for our favorite Roy Moore election loss memes…

Fuck u #roymoore and the horse u rode in on #exposewhitesupremacy #fuckracism #crackaasscrackas

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Thank you #Alabama!

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he’s never wrong, folks!

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