Homophobic Judge Roy Moore Is No Match For Alabama Drag Queen Ambrosia Starling

ambrosia starling roy moore
Despite appearances, Alabama is still indeed a state, though at the rate things are going, it may just crumble away into the Gulf of Mexico at at any moment, and all that’ll be left behind is a triumphant drag queen named Ambrosia Starling. Who’d have guessed that Florida would still be standing while Alabama implodes?

First of all, there’s Governor Robert Bentley, who’s embroiled in a sex scandal so icky you may never want to talk to a heterosexual again. Then there’s the Speaker of the House, under investigation for corruption. And then there’s the state Supreme Court Justice, Roy Moore, whose downfall has been the most delicious of all.

You may remember Moore from his starring role in a stupid reality-show-esque fight a few years back concerning the Ten Commandments. He insisted on having a monument on state grounds, everyone freaked out, and he was kicked out of office. But then, because Alabama bizarrely allows members of the public to vote on Supreme Court justices, he was voted back in. Great job, Alabama! Your average citizen is DEFINITELY qualified to judge the merits of top legal minds.

Moore then promptly proceeded to go on an unconstitutional bender, ordering clerks to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples even after the US Supreme Court ruled that they had to. It took a few months, but now once again, Moore has been temporarily removed from office, with the possibility that he’s gone for good. Or he might get stuck in a rubber room that prevents him from doing more harm. (You can catch up on all the juicy details and speculation on this week’s Defining Marriage podcast.)

So what’s Ambrosia Starling’s role in all thus? Well, she’s been one of the most vocal opponents of Moore from the start, holding various protests and rallies to draw attention to Moore’s misdeeds.

And it’s driving him absolutely bonkers.

When Moore was kicked out, he complained that regulators were “choosing to listen to people like Ambrosia Starling, a professed transvestite, and other gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals as well as organizations that support their agenda.”

Haha, “professed transvestite,” that’s one way of referring to a drag queen, okay.

When Moore called Starling insane, she happily agreed. “I’m crazy for democracy!” Yes girl. Go nuts. Get all of those jerks thrown out of office one by one, and turn Alabama into a drag paradise!

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