Homophobic sportswriter Clay Travis couldn’t resist the urge to insert himself into Donald Trump‘s felony hush-money trial this week and now it might cost him his law license.

Travis, founder of the right-wing rage site, OutKick, posted some unsolicited advice on Monday to prospective jurors in Manhattan.

“If you’re a Trump supporter in New York City who is a part of the jury pool, do everything you can to get seated on the jury and then refuse to convict as a matter of principle, dooming the case via hung jury,” he wrote. “It’s the most patriotic thing you could possibly do.”

Since the trial could last as long as eight weeks, it seems unlikely that anybody not interested in deciding the actual case would try to manipulate the jury selection process. Only a few dozen MAGA heads gathered outside the courthouse Monday to protest for a couple of hours.

The apparent disinterest among Trump supporters about the case indicates that nobody will take up Travis on his offer. There’s also the fact he may have committed a crime.

California Rep. Eric Swalwell accused Travis of jury tampering.

“Jury tampering. That’s what they do. *It’s a felony,” he posted.

Legal experts agree that Travis’ challenge probably isn’t worth the fleeting social media engagement.

“Clay is arguably conspiring to commit jury tampering here by encouraging someone to deliberately engage in jury nullification,” posted national security attorney Bradley Moss. “Not a wise move by Clay.”

“Hoping Manhattan DA is aware of this attempted jury tampering by Fox News regular Clay Travis,” added SiriusXM host and attorney Dean Obeidallah.

After eliciting condemnation from Swalwell, Travis appeared on Fox News with Jesse Watters, a man who thinks fast-food workers earning $20 an hour are on track for six-figure paychecks (the actual total is $40,000).

Travis, as expected, took a sad victory lap.

When Travis wasn’t whining on Fox News Monday, he was crying persecution at the hands of the WNBA.

Two weeks ago, one of OutKick’s sh*tposters attended South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley’s press conference ahead of the NCAA women’s Final Four. The lowly respected hack asked Staley about trans participation in women’s sports, a topic that had nothing to do with the most-watched Final Four in women’s history.

Staley, to her credit, answered the question directly. Yes, she does think it’s OK for trans women to play women’s sports. Next question, please.

“So, now the barnstorm of people are going to flood my timeline and be a distraction to me in one of the biggest days of our game,” she said. “And I’m OK with that.”

Embarrassed and exposed, the OutKick troll who asked the irrelevant question proceeded to embark on a prolonged grievance tour. He published multiple poorly written articles about how he’s some sort of truth seeker, blah blah blah.

In an obvious effort to keep exploiting women’s basketball for his personal vendetta, the blogger in question applied for credentials to Monday’s WNBA Draft. But his request was denied.

It didn’t take him long to post a tedious screed on OutKick, “Media predictably refuses to ask Caitlin Clark about transgender athletes.”

Travis also jumped in.

“After @outkick asked @dawnstaley whether men should be able to play women’s basketball, the @wnba has refused to credential Outkick for their draft this week,” he posted.

Except that’s not really what happened.

OutKick missed the deadline to apply for credentials and, thus, wasn’t permitted access. It’s almost like OutKick is more interested in political grandstanding than covering women’s basketball.

That could never be the case, right???

What a start to the week for the anti-LGBTQ+ writers at OutKick. We can’t wait to see what cheap controversy they try to engineer next!

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