A 16-year-old Reddit user said an 18-year-old guy with whom he used to hook up is now his “future stepbrother,” and his predicament has commenters divided.

“[We] did it [a] few times before our parents got together,” the original poster explains. “Then we found out about them and stopped talking to each other. Now they’re getting married, [and] we’re staying in [a] hotel, and I have to share a room with him.”

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“I know it’s gonna be really awkward,” he concludes. “I don’t know what to do.”

One commenter seems to think it’s a non-issue, writing, “At the very least, catch up. Y’all spent some time together and then stopped talking. I don’t see what the issue is since y’all aren’t biologically related with years of shared experience, nor is there a power dynamic.”

Another Redditor, however, sees it as a very big issue: “Despite the comments by the horny, fantasizing guys here advising you, do anything except hook up anymore. If it leads to feelings for each other, it causes problems in your family. If it leads to conflict with each other, it causes problems in your family. If you get caught, it causes problems for your family. … You need to start working on the relationship just being more of a platonic, friendly one.”

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And a third commenter advises just moving on with grace: “The best thing with these situations is to acknowledge them — make a joke about it, get it out there, and hopefully, after a while, you’ll laugh about it.”

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