gays-holding-hands-2You can keep a firm hand on the tiller, bite the hand that feeds you, have the upper hand or stick to the matter at hand.

But what do our hands actually say about us? Turns out, kind of a lot — but maybe not exactly what you’d expect.

Here are some scientifically proven (and disproven) theories about how our hands correlate to the rest of our bodies.

The most widespread theory out there is that big hands suggest a big penis. It’s certainly a theory people with big hands like to bring up. Well, sorry to burst your fantasy of that ogre-pawed Whole Foods cashier you always wait extra for — the only thing that’s sure to be huge is the line you just got in. Hand size, foot size and height have all proven to mean just about squat when it comes to determining the size of a guys package.

But it might be you’re just gazing too wide — research shows that clues to what a guy is packing may lie in the index finger. Gachon University Gil Hospital in South Korea found that the bigger the length discrepancy between the index and ring fingers, the bigger the penis is likely to be. The reason? Maybe something to do with prenatal hormone exposure, but they aren’t certain.

gaydar070625_3_560And it turns out that that index/ring ratio predicts more than the size of your manhood. The University of Geneva in Switzerland looked at the same measurement and found a correlation to masculine facial features, which are generally perceived as more attractive. The bigger the ratio, the more masculine the face, the higher “attractiveness” perception, the fuller the crotch. Doesn’t seem fair for the hot guys to also get the big dicks — just ask Jared Leto.

Gay men and women have been found to have, on average, a smaller index/ring ratio, suggesting sexual orientation may be linked in one way or another to prenatal hormones. Though we can certainly point out more than a few examples of gay men with larger than average penises finger ratios.

“We can be pretty sure from a large number of human and animal studies that digit ratios are affected by prenatal testosterone exposure. So this result suggests a link between the hormones a baby is exposed to in the womb and their sexual orientation in adulthood,” Psychology professor John Manning, from the University of Central Lancashire, told the BBC.

If it seems like guys with a smaller index/ring ratio seem to be getting the short end of the stick, so to speak, they do have one advantage: they’re less likely to die of prostate cancer. Guys with a shorter ring finger have been observed to respond better to anti-tumor drugs than their bigger-ratio’d brethren.

via Medical Daily

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