Hugh Jackman Manages A Heavy Load, Nyle DiMarco’s New Taco, Golden Girls Like You’ve Never Seen

Hugh Jackman, age 47, certainly knows how to clap. Anyone willing to clap back?

Which Jonas Brother is the most endowed? Well, Joe?

Why hello there, young fair housing lawyer Tim Kaine, what’s your name? Oh, right — Tim.

Young queer artists dress up as the likes of BowiePrince and Grace Jones in Tegan and Sara’s new video “Faint of Heart.”

Demagogue Golden Girls? It’s the internet after all, so anything and everything is fair game!

Ashton Kutcher — carrot stick or beer can? Actual question posed to Kutcher’s wife, Mila Kunis. Well, which is it, Mila?

Nyle DiMarco sticks some fruit in a pancake and dubs it the “Hamptons Taco.” It’s a good thing you’re so damn cute, Nyle.