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Ian Thorpe Reveals He Finds Dating A Nightmare Since He Came Out Last Year

resizeDating’s been a lot harder than I thought it would be. It’s an absolute mess out there! I’m like, ‘Where are all the normal people?’ I’ve never really dated, so I’ve come in being almost completely blindsided by this. I think if someone puts an effort into a date, then full points — it’s not like I’m a hard marker. But there are some nut cases. It’s just a bit weird. But that’s the dating scene — I say it and I laugh and I’ve got a smile on my face, so it’s not that bad. I’ve mostly met great guys but, occasionally, I’ve met a couple of douche-y guys as well. It’s enough motivation for me to want to settle down with someone away from that scene.”

Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Ian Thorpe, who came out publicly in 2014, tells Sunday Style that dating ain’t so pretty


h/t: Pink News

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  • Grant Mealey

    Awe such problems, hope he can overcum it ???

  • Lael Galaviz

    I’m sorry :- yes it’s really hard because there are a lot of very dramatic guys out there.

  • Adrian Paul Annas

    Must be hard to date when your a liar

  • Derek Perron

    Dating is a nightmare regardless

  • Stefano

    Another one who is whining. Pathetic.

  • Jonathan26

    Not whining. Just honest.

  • J.r. Graff

    Don’t date anyone who’s part of the “scene”. They’re not looking for love. They’re looking for help.

  • moldisdelicious

    If he was straight, he’d be complaining about the same thing except instead of men, it would be about women.

  • Bob Pattinson

    He’ll find Mr Right I’ve no doubt. Good hunting Ian!

  • Joseph Molnar

    It is a nightmare!!!!! I hate dating!

  • Babak Bijarchi

    I could have told him that….

  • Sweetie Pie

    Dating these days is overrated….too many douches out there

  • Corey J Hodges

    Oooh, oohoo, it’s hard for a gorgeous Olympian to find a good date…cry me a river.

  • markyboi

    Young and dating is a bitch, older and dating must be a nightmare, especially when you come out late.

  • Scott Sherman

    After reading this twice my first thought is that he’s trying to date the wrong type of guy…and probably has this narrow little pool. Like a friend of mine who only dates “straight acting” guys which I’ve found to be another way of saying married or in the closet. Yes dating is hard but 9 times out of 10 it’s made harder by the person complaining about it due to their own issues.

  • AJ Sarabia

    No one wants to date a slef proclaimed victim.

  • Greg Deocampo

    not particularly into hot wet athletes but I feel obliged to bite the bullet and help him out.

  • notevenwrong

    He’s “mostly met great guys,” yet “it’s an absolute mess out there”?

    These can’t both the true.

  • notevenwrong

    *These can’t both BE true.

  • Aromaeus

    What is this scene the gays keep talking about.

  • Alex Rothwell

    Not difficult to understand. I’m sure he’ll fins some one.

  • dustashed

    Lower your expectations and just chill. Find Mr. Right now while waiting for Mr. Right. sometimes you gotta kiss a few frogs to find your prince.. hopefully not buckets of frogs

  • Masc Pride

    @notevenwrong: I was thinking the same thing. That kind of contradiction makes me think Mr. Thorpe might be the problem.

  • Masc Pride

    @Aromaeus: It used to be bars, clubs, backrooms and bathhouses but now I think it’s pretty much limited to Grindr (which is pretty much all in one).

  • Marky

    @J.r. Graff: Likewise, don’t date men who only have non-gay friends. They also need help.

  • Chance Russell

    spews, “oh, and dating women was just such a lark? C’mon Thorpedo, that’s disingenuous.”

  • Gordon S. Hale

    It is what it is…. Wishing him much luck in a world/society that seems to have lost the meaning and essence of dating.

  • Matthew Reidy

    Its like that for everyone

  • James Sigmon

    I see no problem guys would be standing in line for him I would.

  • James Sigmon

    He is hot send him over.

  • JerseyMike

    Dating isn’t hard male or female..finding Mr or Ms right is hard. you have to date a lot of frogs before you someone worth dating..

  • qsw84

    Welcome to our world!

  • Ariel Hans Christian

    Honey you gotta sift through the toads and tadpoles before you find the lucky frog that transforms into a husband…TRUST you a gayby…gotz lot to grow gurl!

  • CWM85

    I guess it is or has been hard being in the closet for so long and everyone knows you were a liar…

  • Alex Brode

    Maybe Ian is dating the wrong guys

  • Chris

    I do not understand why so many mean-spirited comments are being posted. Thorpe’s experiencing the common problems of dating; but on top of them, he’s also experiencing the insecurity of not knowing whether someone is interested in him as a person or as a personality. And yeah, while he’s complaining of first-world problems, I still wish him the best in finding whoever works best for him. ….. TW, lost of advice of going into gayborhoods and meeting people while doing things of common interest are very good for anyone who is out there dating.

  • Uppity

    Ian Thorpe will have a tough time trying to date in Sydney. The town runs on sex and money and most of the gay men can’t commit, they’re always looking for somebody better. The genuine, stable ones who are serious about a relationship are hard to find, and he will be a magnet for scene queens attracted by his fame and fortune.

  • Dan Romero

    Maybe he should talk to Gus Kenworthy. He seemed to luck out.

  • Charles Nagle

    If he can’t find love and happiness, then what chance do we average looking people have? Hell, he’s an Olympian with a great body. If he can’t get a date, that means the rest of the world can forget about ever having a date as well! Fucking bull.

  • Cam

    Part of the issue might be he waited so damn long to come out.

    Most of the people in Sydney his age are long past a lot of the stuff he is still going through and might not want to date some neebie.

  • Steven Burr

    I’d go out out with you in a heart beat, but then, I’m not pretty enough for yah I bet

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