If You’re Trans On Tinder, Prepare To Get Banned For No Reason

Time it takes to “swipe left” on Tinder, thus confirming that you are not interested in chatting, ever: approximately one second.

Time it takes to report someone as “inappropriate” on Tinder: longer than swiping left.

So one might assume that people would only flag each other for doing something actually inappropriate, and not just for being a living, breathing trans person.

But that’s what many trans Tinder users are experiencing on the app in the form of suddenly having their accounts banned due to other users’ complaints.

One user, Molly McGlone, found herself banned only to contact Tinder and get reactivated. Then she got banned again without warning.

Nowhere in Tinder’s community guidelines does it mention anything about being transgender, and there are currently only two gender options to choose from on the app.

The company did release this statement, though:

“If we find that a user has been wrongfully banned, then we ‘unban’ their account. This includes instances when transgender users are reported by others, but haven’t violated any of our community standards.”

It seems that Tinder is working towards finding a solution in lieu of the actual solution — that everyone needs to figure out how to be nice to each other. We’re pretty sure they teach that one in preschool.

If you aren’t into someone, swipe left. Could it be any simpler?

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