Watch: The Drag Queen Parody Version of Iggy Azalea's 'Fancy'

Monica Blewinsky Basic Iggy Azalea Fancy Drag Queen Parody

Monica Blewinsky, one of New York City’s newest faces to drag performance, recently released a parody music video to Iggy Azalea’s, ‘Fancy,’ entitled ‘Basic.’ For the parody video, Monica enlisted several of the sexiest gays of the tri-state area to featured as targets of her condemnation.

Watch the video below.

This parody extrapolates upon the contemporary term, ‘basic,’ used to describe certain people, places or things as anything from unsophisticated to simply ratchet. Whereas the Iggy Azalea video includes elements of the film ‘Clueless,’ Monica’s parody mirrors components of the popular movie ‘Mean Girls.’ She even includes a ‘Book of Basic’ that pokes fun at politicians Rick Cantor and Mitt Romney, celebrity Kendall Jenner and more, all while attaching borrowed slurs from the infamous ‘Burn Book.’ The video not only satirizes contemporary people and events, but also includes some classic slapstick comedy.

This video comes a month after Monica made a featured appearance in Sherry’s Vine’s rendition of ‘Hung Horse,’ a parody of Katy Perry’s hit single, “Dark Horse.”

The end of the video also includes a teaser for Monica’s next parody, Missy Elliott’s ‘Lose Control,’ which is set to be an energy-packed feature spoofing the drug-powered circuit party scene. The hook line of this upcoming song is “Molly makes you lose control.”