As easy as it is to hate her, it’s hard not to also adore Willam Belli, the breakout (and kicked-out) queen on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She’s charismatic, photogenic and—as Belli loves to mention—has an IMDB page as long as the schlong she professes to love. 

Now, in her first full interview since Monday’s Drag Race reunion special, the bad-girl drag star-actor-singer talks with Queerty’s Michael Ciriaco about her dismissal, her new video, working with the original Supermodel of the World and why she blew chunks on her final episode.

On the reunion special, you revealed why you got kicked off the show. Was having sex with your husband worth getting disqualified? 

Look, I like dick a ton. But I didn’t tell my husband to come visit me. He followed me because he didn’t believe me—and rightly so. It was a bullshit excuse to leave the house with all that drag for a horror movie. Also, it wasn’t in the contract that having sex with people wasn’t allowed. I didn’t call him—I didn’t have a phone. I’m not Phi Phi.

Okay, but why did you throw up right before being axed?  

I knew I was being eliminated, so I ate a ton. And it was the one day my stomach was covered so I didn’t have to worry about bulges. I was like “Hey, last day. free meal. stock up!” I ate too much and the Absolut and Accutane didn’t mix well.

Ugh, okay. Onto something more pleasant (maybe): How would you summarize your experience on Drag Race and working with RuPaul?

Being able to make RuPaul laugh is like being touched by the hand of God. Any opportunity to be in his presence is a gift.

Do you view yourself as a role model?

The only thing people should take notes from me on is bottoming. My douche is always fresh and I’m batting 300.

Unlike other queens raised in drag “houses” and “families,” you developed your style on your own. Has that been an advantage or disadvantage?

Necessity breeds invention. I’ve found lots of ways to do things for myself without traditional methods.

You were already a rising star before the show, so why do a reality-TV series like Drag Race?

I did it because they asked me to. They contacted me—and I rarely say no to work. My motto is “if you’ve got a check, I’ve got a talent.” It was the paycheck being offered at the time and I knew it could increase my visibility.

What inspired your new video, “Love You Like a Big Schlong”?

After Kelly Osbourne made me lip-sync “Love U Like a Love Song” on the New Now Next Awards, I decided to write a version of the tune that I could really wrap my lips around.

What do you have lined up next?

I’m going to be in Neighborhood Watch with Ben Stiller, which comes out July 27. I have an album on iTunes releasing this summer, and hopefully more shows with Logo. This summer I’m filming Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus—a companion piece to Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives—and hopefully The Porn Brat Pack with Missi Pyle in the fall.

Anything else you’d like to say to the Queerty readership?

I’m on motherfuckin’ Twitter.

Photos: Jeffrey James Keyes, Logo, Jose A. Guzman Colon

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