INTERVIEW: Willam On Being Booted, Getting Sick, Being A “Role Model” And More!

As easy as it is to hate her, it’s hard not to also adore Willam Belli, the breakout (and kicked-out) queen on this season of RuPaul‘s Drag Race. She’s charismatic, photogenic and—as Belli loves to mention—has an IMDB page as long as the schlong she professes to love. 

Now, in her first full interview since Monday’s Drag Race reunion special, the bad-girl drag star-actor-singer talks with Queerty’s Michael Ciriaco about her dismissal, her new video, working with the original Supermodel of the World and why she blew chunks on her final episode.

On the reunion special, you revealed why you got kicked off the show. Was having sex with your husband worth getting disqualified? 

Look, I like dick a ton. But I didn’t tell my husband to come visit me. He followed me because he didn’t believe me—and rightly so. It was a bullshit excuse to leave the house with all that drag for a horror movie. Also, it wasn’t in the contract that having sex with people wasn’t allowed. I didn’t call him—I didn’t have a phone. I’m not Phi Phi.

Okay, but why did you throw up right before being axed?  

I knew I was being eliminated, so I ate a ton. And it was the one day my stomach was covered so I didn’t have to worry about bulges. I was like “Hey, last day. free meal. stock up!” I ate too much and the Absolut and Accutane didn’t mix well.

Ugh, okay. Onto something more pleasant (maybe): How would you summarize your experience on Drag Race and working with RuPaul?

Being able to make RuPaul laugh is like being touched by the hand of God. Any opportunity to be in his presence is a gift.

Do you view yourself as a role model?

The only thing people should take notes from me on is bottoming. My douche is always fresh and I’m batting 300.

Unlike other queens raised in drag “houses” and “families,” you developed your style on your own. Has that been an advantage or disadvantage?

Necessity breeds invention. I’ve found lots of ways to do things for myself without traditional methods.

You were already a rising star before the show, so why do a reality-TV series like Drag Race?

I did it because they asked me to. They contacted me—and I rarely say no to work. My motto is “if you’ve got a check, I’ve got a talent.” It was the paycheck being offered at the time and I knew it could increase my visibility.

What inspired your new video, “Love You Like a Big Schlong”?

After Kelly Osbourne made me lip-sync “Love U Like a Love Song” on the New Now Next Awards, I decided to write a version of the tune that I could really wrap my lips around.

What do you have lined up next?

I’m going to be in Neighborhood Watch with Ben Stiller, which comes out July 27. I have an album on iTunes releasing this summer, and hopefully more shows with Logo. This summer I’m filming Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus—a companion piece to Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives—and hopefully The Porn Brat Pack with Missi Pyle in the fall.

Anything else you’d like to say to the Queerty readership?

I’m on motherfuckin’ Twitter.

Photos: Jeffrey James Keyes, Logo, Jose A. Guzman Colon

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  • Spike

    If all true, I call bullshit on RuPaul saying they were ‘Breaking All The Rules’ this season onnly to disqualify Willam for such nonsense and, if they weren’t supposed to have cell phones, and PeePee had one, why wasn’t her tired ass kicked off as well. Rules are rules. No question that Willam would have won, his creative fresh style rose above all of the others.

  • cam

    I Liked Willem a lot. He should have made the top three just based on His Jessica Simpson in “Snatch Game”

    However, the story sounds a bit B.S-ish to me. So people aren’t supposed to know you’re going on “Drag Race” but then the show is constantly showing videos of people’s families saying “Hi” to them etc… So then, it’s ok for THOSE families to know, but not others? MAkes no sense.

  • austinwondo

    Love Willam! And I don’t Rupologize!

  • jj

    Accutane?? you mean adderall? accutane is an acne drug. and you cant drink on it lol

  • willam

    no. i was on accutane. and i drank anyway. i take adderral for my ADD too.

  • QJ201

    @willam: must be working girl, your skin is flawless! Or is it that Logo is too cheap to film in HD?

  • DouggSeven

    @willam: Is that bald geezer with the blue shirt/grey jacket they keep flipping back to on the reunion your husband?

  • willam

    @DouggSeven: no my husband was out of town playing a gay basketball tournament but thanks for playing!

  • Frederick

    I definitely think that if what Willam says is true – as far as the reason he got kicked off the show – then Phi Phi should’ve been kicked off too, for having a cell phone. If Willam hadn’t been kicked off, I believe he would’ve been one of the top three finalists, although I still think Sharon would’ve won.

  • Cam


    Willam, why can’t you just admit that you got kicked off for sexually harassing Phi Phi?

    No means NO, leave that girl alone!!! (Tears)

  • jason

    I cannot stand William Belli. He has fetishes. I also don’t believe he’s gay.

    I also think it’s sad that we give men like Belli a disproportionate amount of publicity. As I sad, can’t stand him.

  • Charlie

    @jason: Ok girl, then you run for Drag Race and promote the type of ‘mo you think America is in need of.

  • Jarek

    Still trying to work out why the hell we are supposed to give a shit about a drag queen….

  • Larkin

    Willam is cute.

  • willam

    @jason: I can’t stand your lack of spell check

  • Texndoc

    Willam says: “Being able to make RuPaul laugh is like being touched by the hand of God.”

    I think that’s why Needles won. Besides her great looks, I thought “….But I like to go down on a poll!” absolutely wrapped it up for her as the winner.

  • Jonathonz

    Clearly Jason and Jarek lead very boring lives. Willam rocks and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

  • Burninghalobunny

    @Willam – thank you for making this season a wonderful one! I caught Ticked Off Trannies with Knives and stayed up all night watching! Can’t wait for your next project! My friends and I are playing a new game called ‘Where’s Willam?’ We are going through your IMDB page and watching your work to see ya! Much love and respect!!

    @Jarek – you should get off your knees & thank a drag queen. Ever heard of Stonewall? And who started doing drag shows collecting $$$ doing drag shows when HIV/AIDS started decimating our community? Certainly not little bitches like you. Learn some fucking history before you open your fucking mouth, jackass!

    I don’t do drag but I still love and support my drag sisters!

  • iDavid


    This is my intro to you and I like what I see. I will be keeping my balls on you. Eyeballs that is.


  • Chad

    I don’t agree with “as easy as it is to hate her.” I’ve loved Willam from the first moment I met him. And I can’t wait for people to see him as “Geoffrey Gann/ Karen Dior” in our our little film about The Porn Brat Pack. He’s insanely talented. Belovedly likable. But (for me) he has that “it.” He wants to work. He loves to work. People want to work with him.

    He’s done bingo for charity for years. He’s done every stupid thing I’ve ever asked of him. He’s my heart. I adore him. And I’ll defend him till my last breath. He’s one of my people. I heart him.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Sharon Needles already said in an Entertainment Weekly video that the husband excuse was a lie. Willam said she was called to be on the show. I think Willam was there to garner publicity for the show, which is great because it is entertainment, but I think the continuous telling of the same lie is a bit destructive to RuPaul’s image of keeping it real. The season is over now. No need to keep a bullshit story going just because. And it doesn’t work when Willam also once said she would reveal the real story once she has a contract with Logo (look around for that interview).

  • Spike

    @cam: Agreed regarding the contradiction of no one supposedly knowing yet all these family members came into play during the shows taping. I’m guessing the disqualification and throwing up are connected and the real reason is more sinister but everyone agreed, to safe face for both the show and Willam, to stick with the horny husband explanation.

  • escandalo

    Yeah Willam, love you but the story doesn’t hold up. Sharon said so in an interview. Considering RuPaul has interviewed, and we know from other contestants, that things are supposedly very strict on lockdown and the contestants aren’t even allowed to be together without a chaperon and camera, this sounds like a RPDR alibi for a ratings plant. On Manila’s videos behind the scenes they couldn’t even order food or change the restaurant the show was using for any particular meal.

    BTW Sharon said in Pittsburgh that 4 of you were getting high in the hotel together. Maybe that’s “the delivery” your husband was routinely making, because I really don’t see you causing ill will among your friends (and you did have 3 or 4 there)…for stupid booty calls. Is this true? Since you’ve been quoted as having a medicinal card. I won’t wait for a serious answer :).

  • escandalo

    “But I didn’t tell my husband to come visit me. He followed me because he didn’t believe me—and rightly so. It was a bullshit excuse to leave the house with all that drag for a horror movie. Also, it wasn’t in the contract that having sex with people wasn’t allowed”.

    Bullshit tho. I remember a non-disclosure in the contract, true. But you’re not allowed to have visitors. Everybody knows that. And it’s not a bullshit excuse to leave with drag for a horror movie. It could have been horror with a cross-dresser character. Lame, girl.But Ru knows the masses will believe whatever they’re told. :)

  • Boricuaex

    You know, people can say what they like about Willam, but I thought he was a refreshing addition to the season. I liked his confidence and his bravery to confront an issue. Maybe his drag didn’t win the competition, but he did look good and he competed with the best of them. I’m sorry he got kicked off because at the end, I was rooting for him.

  • frickeepoo

    Did anyone else feel as though this season had the best cast yet? I’m not saying that previous casts didn’t have individual members that were just as talented, or just as creative w/ their drag; all I’m saying is that this cast seemed to work best together as an ensemble, as though each successive cast is an aggregate of the best qualities of previous casts. Plus, they seemed like genuinely nice people. I hate to rag too much on Phi Phi – it’s just to easy; but in my opinion Phi Phi was the only one of the final contenders who seemed like a throwback to the old days. As for Willam, I used to like her, but this interview proved that underneath all fakeness of the makeup and the padding lies the real fakeness and padding. Grrrrrrrl come on…they asked YOU? Uh-huh…we saw the moment when they asked you on the recap episode, remember? All of the cast members were informed via some sort of Skype hookup it seemed, you too. And don’t even try saying that was all staged and you were just acting surprised and excited because we know you’re not that good an actress. You reacted like you’d just been crowned Hogg Cunty Swine Queen, frchrissakes! It was so refreshing to see you shed your Heroin Chic Persona. Oh, Grrrrl! Is that your secret? Ok, well maybe you’ve gone up a few notches in my eyes. Sharon was so right when she said that getting thrown off ‘RuPDR’ is a pretty punk thing to do.

  • peter

    In RuPaul’s words, “Willem could have gone all the way” – on the show that is… and I agree. We missed his amazing wit (so quick) his dry sense of humor (albeit always with a str8 face), a quality wardrobe (even Kelly Osbourne would envy) and a bitchin body to match… Willem was all that. You might find him a little too conceited for your taste, but you cannot deny he is a quality act. Not sure the schlong is wrong rule is right, but in the end… the shady chante away may have bought him more air time, more $$$ than the 100k prize. One thing is for sure, we have not seen the last of Willem Belli.

  • ChristopherM

    Shady shady bearded lady

  • Jorge

    William, now that Michelle Visage has gotten too big to fit in to the studio, has RuPaul considered making you a judge on the next season of Drag Race? God knows the craft services table would have a lot more leftovers- and I think your style of humor plays off very well with Ru’s.
    Besides I think Wilson Phillips needs a replacement for the fat girl, so Michelle could go back to singing in a girl group. Everybody wins.
    What do ya think?

  • peter

    @Jorge and all the other big girl haters, our Big Mama Latrice Royale was a main contender for the prize. She certainly won the fans over with her humor, sincerity, and his-story. Okay, some of her outfits were misfits (aka the crushed velvet, orange, brown 70s rec room divan nightmare needs to go), but she did the big girls proud. In fact, RuPaul needs a shout-out too for supporting the rotund beauties… not everyone is meant to be a suze 2, and gilrs (boys too) everywhere are literally starving themselves to death, to attain someone else’s ideal of beauty. I’ll take a big girl over a phishy Phi Phi any day!

  • PTBoat

    Honestly, at this point, who cares what got Willam kicked of of the show? He’s made something better out of a potentially negative moment than many reality stars make of their wins. Willam knows how to manipulate an audience in such a way that his becomes a fascination. I was interested in the character he created, in the beginning of the episodes, that was designed to make the audience loathe him, only to start revealing more and more of the edge of that mask without revealing anything of the real man behind it. Okay, the cry thing was bullshit and uncomfortable, but it was memorable, and that’s what TV is all about. How many viewers found themselves immediately searching the web for answers to Willams’ demise only to be greeted with a wildly entertaining new video and multiple interviews promoting the video, career, and revealing Drag Race strategy? That’s brilliant and that’s what a star does. Then, to come on to the reunion episode wearing completely different drag from the rest of the group, while taking more plugging opportunities, coining a new catch phrase, AND stealing the show with a witty one liner is beyond what anyone else was doing, even the wonderful Sharon Needles. This kind of ruthlessness is what eventually leads to a cross over.

  • GregR

    Willam, Sharon Needles hinted that the reason you gave for being kicked off the show was not the true reason. During an interview when the subject of your disqualification was brought up, the interviewer told her about you having relations with your boyfriend was the reason you got the boot. Sharon said something like, Oh, that’s the story she’s going with? Which leads me to believe you did something else. I thought that maybe you were actually a real woman disguised as a man portraying a woman.

  • GregR

    @Jorge: Someday somebody’s gonna make you wanna turn around and say good-bye…

  • GregR

    @escandalo: okay, that sounds like it could be the reason and if Ru Paul found out. I’m sure she would kick them the hell out. She doesn’t need that kind of story attached to her show. The sex with the boyfriend reason didn’t make sense.

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