J Lo’s Hot Young Boyfriend Allegedly Sent His Nudes To A Trans Bikini Model

casper-smart-shirtlessJennifer Lopez’s 27-year-old dancer boyfriend Casper Smart is in a big gay pickle again, although this time, the evidence may not be dismissed as easily.

Rumors that Smart was possibly gay or bisexual (and fooling around behind J Lo’s back) surfaced in 2012, after he was photographed leaving a gay New York City sex shop known for its seedy backroom shenanigans.

This week, a transgender “bikini model” is determined to spark rumors once more by claiming she has nude photos of the dancing boy toy, which were sent to her in a series of sext-y direct messages on Instagram. Editor Nik Richie tells the Daily News that Sofie Vissa is currently “shopping” the scandal around gossip sites in hopes that she’ll cash in her alleged dirty photos for some fame. Richie confirms that he has seen the nude images of Smart and Vissa’s detailed account is based on fact.

Though Smart and Vissa have never spoken directly in-person, the messages sent to Vissa’s Instagram account are coming from Smart’s official account. There is no way to confirm that Smart was the author of the alleged messages.

This is allegedly what Smart said in addition to sending nudes:

“I just thought you were a tiny, skinny Asian girl with big boobs LOL.”

“Ur not.”

“I wanna see more what else ya got?”

Richie believes that Smart does not “know she’s a man.” The two are reportedly still in communication and are now texting, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

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  • NG22

    I don’t know what this mofo’s deal is. Not saying he’s bi. But do you notice how modern high-profile men seldom come out as bi? I’m not talking 60s, 70s, or 80s rock stars. I’m talking younger celebrities. There are a litany of out bi women, including Anna Paquin and Fergie, but it seems that if high-profile bi men can disappear into heterosexuality, they will choose to do just that.

    There’s nothing new about it. But it must suck for young bi guys, who feel that the social spectrum of male sexuality is so bifurcated. People either view you as gay or straight. And they use the “one-drop rule,” so if you’re attracted to any men, that suddenly eliminates your attraction to women. Guys like college football player Connor Mertens are trying to raise awareness.

    Just food for thought.

  • DawnTrans

    “Richie believes that Smart does not “know she’s a man.”

    Smart does not know she is a man because she isnt a man!

  • mydude

    Boy, it’s one thing after another with her toy. With all her money and connections, you’d think she’d hook him up with easy access to men or anything else he wanted.

  • Stache99

    Poor JLO. She thought she’d finally found a straight back up dancer. Lol

  • Stache99

    @DK: Exept….”Sofie Vissa is currently “shopping” the scandal around gossip sites in hopes that she’ll cash in “.

    Obviously, it’s the trans women herself that’s making a big deal out of it. Otherwise, there would be no scandal.

    Looking at her pics she looks good but you’d have to be blind to think she’s not trans.

  • MadMikenCT


  • MarionPaige

    Casper Smart plays a bee in a dance video, it’s pretty funny. The guy obviously has a sense of humor.

    Maybe Sofie Vissa can email Austin Wilde and clue Austin Wilde in on how to sell shit to gossip sites (as opposed to giving shit away to a gay porn blog patronized by guys who don’t pay for porn).

  • SteveDenver

    Good going J-Lo, just slap a condom on that stud and enjoy everything he’s got.

  • Cam

    So he isn’t gay, he’s just a cheater.

    Either way I’m sure things are tense at the Lopez house.

  • hotshot70

    @damon459, funny how Perez used to enjoy outing people, drawing on their pics, then he fianlly admits he’s a ‘mo as well! Casper is just a male bimbo (or a mimbo), all about looks with little brains.

  • Nikkidane

    First of all, being attracted to a Trans woman does not make you gay. I would be more concerned that he’s sending nude photos and texting other women. Well, he’s young and horny and it’s bound to happen to be honest. They didn’t hook up so it sounds like pretty harmless fun.

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