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James Charles asked the Internet why he’s single; the Internet did not hold back

YouTuber James Charles wants to know why he’s single. Well, ask and ye shall receive.

Twitter responded to the call, offering some…varied responses.

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The 20-year-old makeup artist asked his 5+ million followers: “I have a big heart, a*s and bank account. How am I single?”

There was plenty of positive response, with many respondents offering their romantic services.

But others weren’t so thrilled with the question, or how it was framed.

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“Ask a better question to get a better answer,” wrote Michael Buckley.

He added: “And what I mean is ‘why am I single’ is a disempowering question and your brain will go looking for all the areas that are ‘wrong’ with you.HAHA! Ask yourself something like ‘How can I create an amazing relationship with a spectacular partner?'”

OK that’s some solid advice.

Another commenter suggested that instead of boasting about a “big bank account,” Charles opt to donate some disposable income to charitable causes at a time when so many are struggling to make ends meet.

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And less-amused commenters pointed out some potentially challenging answers to Charles’ question–his several past comments that wound up as mini-controversies.

We’d point out that most teenagers have done and said questionable things, Charles just had his missteps (and fairly racist ones at that) broadcast to millions.

In other news, a whole lot of people find themselves single right now–a challenge during the lockdown, but a great opportunity to work on the relationship you have with yourself.

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