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Jerry Falwell Jr. tweets and quickly deletes photo with his pants wide open

For no apparent reason, Jerry Falwell Jr. tweeted and then quickly deleted a photo of himself on a yacht with his fly unzipped and his pants wide open last night.

Pictured beside him was a woman, not his wife, also with her pants open and sporting a Peg Bundy hairdo.

What is going on, you guys? No, seriously, what is going on?!

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The photo was shared across Falwell’s social media platforms yesterday evening, along with the caption: “More vacation shots. Lot of good friends visited us on the yacht. I promise that’s just black water in my glass. It was a prop only.”

Within minutes, Falwell deleted the image. But not before someone captured a screenshot of it, ensuring its internet immortality.

Nowhere in the caption does Falwell explain why his pants are open, who the woman is, or why her pants are open, where his wife is, or what led up to the photograph being taken, though we’d be very curious to find out.

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We’d also be curious what the pool boy thinks about this. And the personal trainer. And the musclebound young men Falwell is always riding bareback with.

Twitter certainly has a lot to say about it…

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