Josh Duggar loses lawsuit against magazine that outed him for being a child molester

Josh Duggar is a loser

Josh Duggar has lost his lawsuit against In Touch Weekly, who he and his family were suing after the magazine outed him for being a child molester.

In 2015, In Touch reported that, in 2006, Josh had fondled several young girls, including two of his own sisters, while they slept. Not only that, but his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, knew about it and tried to cover it up. After the story broke, Josh admitted the molestations occurred but insisted that God had forgiven him. As a result, TLC canceled the Duggars’ reality show and Josh lost his job as at the antigay Family Research Council.

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Earlier this year, both Josh, who now purportedly works as a used cars salesman, and the sisters he molested filed a lawsuit against In Touch’s parent company, Bauer Publishing, for breach of privacy. In their suit, they claimed local police provided the magazine with their names, which should have been redacted being given to the magazine.

Well, last week an Arkansas district judge threw out the case, saying the First Amendment protected the magazine because the information it published was factual and that, even if the cops broke the law by providing the Duggars’ unredacted names, In Touch “cannot be held liable for the city’s and county’s failure to follow the law.”

Sorry, Josh!

The Duggars have also filed lawsuits against local authorities. Those cases are still ongoing. A rep for In Touch has declined to comment.

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  • Cincinnati

    The sisters he molested must have enjoyed it, they were with him on his lawsuit..The only thing I would be upset about would be Him coming into my my room feeling me up and getting me all horny and not doing more..He was HOT..

    • THAT Steve

      Their bodies were only part of what was tampered with growing up. They never learned to stand up for themselves and if the menfolk say join a lawsuit, they do. God help those men if the chains of repression ever break on those young women…

    • MacAdvisor

      I’d imagine, from what very little I know of this family, any family member, including the sisters who were victims, would join in any action where there is money to be made. There is a word for women who do things for money and it certainly applies to this whole family.

    • rbernard

      Brody, can’t the gay folks cheer the demise of any religionist (whether under the banner of Christian or Muslim) that teaches people to hate gay folks?
      BTW – Brody, I am trying to understand what kind of troll you are. Are you a member of any SPLC recognized hate group or are you simply a Russian plant ?

  • Brody

    And how, exactly, is this a gay-related story . . . ?

    • MacAdvisor

      The story is gossip, we gays gossips, QED, a gay story.

    • Kangol

      Because he’s rabidly anti-gay, like the rest of his “Christian” family, or have you forgotten that bit of history?

    • rbernard

      I will tell you why.
      Josh Duggar was a important national player in the antigay movement. Josh was the executive director of FRC Action, the political action and lobbying organization of the rabidly antigay Family Research Council, an SPLC designated hate group. – they are a influential voice in the republican party. While most of the Family Research Council’s focus is on antigay activities, like making LGBTQ behavior unacceptable in society or codifying LGBTQ discrimination into law. They are also a group of religious social conservatives promoting a narrow biblical view about anything sexual that everyone should follow. Their beliefs are as sexually prudish as right wing religious conservatives can come.
      Considering Josh was the executive director of an organization overseeing a team that lobbied congress to pass laws that would fit the conservative evangelical point of view of the Family Research Council.
      Josh’s secret self gratifying habit of fingering his young sisters while they slept and having multiple accounts with well known hook up sites revealed Josh Duggar, a powerful well known antigay political warrior, as a world class hypocrite. To see one of the key lieutenants in the right wing religious antigay culture wars, a real enemy whose day job was to lobby congress to pass laws to smite the LGBTQ, to see that man’s credibility neutralized , means our struggle for societal acceptance got a little bit easier.
      It also means our arch enemy, the odious Tony Perkins, president, Family Research Council, his ability to influence powerful politicians was also weakened.
      Brody, This is why Queerty posted the story …

    • james-the-apostate

      Josh was Tony Perkins’ upcoming prodigy, and being groomed for one of Fundamentalism’s most influential lobbying organizations, pushing the FRC’s hateful anti-LGBTQ agenda until he couldn’t dodge something he admitted (he liked playing with little girls – some were his sisters – while they slept) … Here’s why this story is on Queerty and a glimpse into Tony Perkins and his FRC https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/29/tony-perkins-value-voters-summit_n_5900448.html

    • Brody

      MacAdvisor –
      Kangol –
      rbernard –
      james-the-apostate –

      Wrong on all counts.
      It’s a gay-related story because gays are fanatically anti-Christian, second only to professional atheists, and love sharing their hatefulness with the world (and if you challenge that theory, you’ll have to explain why all the hate for Christians and none for Muslims, who are actually, literally, physically killing us).

    • DCguy

      What a shock, one of the screenames from a rabidly anti-lgbt troll account is on here attacking a posting reporting on a rabidly anti-lgbt guy who worked for one of the most anti-lgbt groups in the nation. He worked for a group that is labled a hate group and provided funding to the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda.

      And the fact that his humiliating downfall is being reported upsets Mo bro, so he signs on to his “Brody” screename to try to attack that.

      And do you notice how the Troll tries to claim that lgbts are anti-Christian? It’s funny that right wing bigots always try to substitute words for different meanings. “Christian” used to mean somebody who worshiped Christ, now bigots have changed it to mean “Bigots”.
      “Family Values” used to mean values that aided families. Now right wingers use it to mean “Bigots”.
      “Conservative” used to mean fiscally more risk averse, and not wanting to move into new rhelms politically, and now right wingers use it to mean …….”Bigots”.

      Hmmmm, see a pattern?

    • BigWill

      Mo, you’re dumber’n a box of hammers.

  • Dwight

    In one of the suits, dunno if it was this one or the one against police, the sisters filed first, he wanted to join the suit and they objected to it. Dunno if he somehow was allowed to join it or if their suit and his suit got combined.

    Don’t care for the girls but don’t think they joined him on this.

  • Nahald

    Seems that Josh learned that you CANNOT sue when the accusations are TRUE !

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