Sen. Josh Hawley is continuing his campaign to be the voice for marginalized straight white cisgender males in America in a rambling new op-ed published by the National Review and we’re starting to think he might actually need therapy.

“Liberals and reporters get awfully sensitive when you criticize pornography and video games,” Hawley begins. “They get even more sensitive when you blame modern liberalism for men’s addiction to them.”

The 41-year-old once again goes on to say that porn and video games “embody the spiritual emptiness that plagues many men in America today” and that men use them to “fill the void” they feel from liberals. Or something.

“Men have something unique to offer America, but they are struggling today,” he adds. “And the Left is to blame.”

Last we checked, men were doing just fine in this country. Also, a lot of them identify as liberals. But we digress.

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Later in the op-ed, Hawley veers away from his original topic (porn and video games) to attack schools for waging a “war on gender,” saying there is an “attack on girls’ sports and the elimination of girls’ restrooms.”

“We see this assault on multiple fronts, from the guidance counselors who conflate boyhood enthusiasm and energy with ADHD, to the denigration of athletic excellence, to the radical indoctrination that teaches boys and girls that gender has no meaning and that they cannot be secure in the most basic realities of their own biology.”

We could go on, but we think you get the point.

The antigay senator concludes the “think-piece” by calling for straight white cisgender American men to be “unleashed” so they can “be who they are made to be.”

After publishing the article, Hawley shared it on Twitter.

Now, the responses…

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