Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire Tweets Anti-Gay Slur To Griping Fan

During a Twitter battle on Saturday, Knicks power forward Amar’e Stoudemire allegedly lashed out at a fan with a homophobic slur, reports USA Today.

Twitter user Brian Ferrelli had some criticism for Stoudemire’s performance last season, to which the 29-year-old baller tweeted back, “Fuck you. I don’t have to do any thing fag.”

Ferrelli posted a screenshot of Stoudemire’s alleged retort, along with a follow-up apology: “I apologize for what I said earlier.I just got off the plane and had time to think about it. Sorry bro!! No Excuses. Won’t happen again.”

The tweet doesn’t appear on Stoudemire Twitter feed and he’s yet to make a public comment about it. The NBA, which fined Kobe Bryant $100,000 for using the same slur during a game in 2011, hasn’t announced whether it will penalize Stoudemire.

 Photos: Brian Ferrelli, Keith Allison


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  • Red Assault

    Ok, and calling him “a pussy” wasn’t over the line too?

  • Belize

    @Red Assault: It was. But which is more relevant in a website that claims to be “free from an agenda (except the gay one?) Pussy or fag? I’m sure this will be a tough to answer but I’m also sure you can do it. *massages your shoulders.

  • ousslander

    Stuck his foot in his mouth and apologized before it blew up everywhere. It should be done

  • Red Assault

    @Belize: Considering gay men have had both of those words thrown at us as insults, not sure if one is more relevant than the other.

  • Clockwork

    Orwellian Tweet Police

  • Rowan

    Also, there’s a big difference in Kobe’s NBA fine for using a slur DURING AN NBA GAME and Stoudemire tweeting something. Maybe if he sent the tweet during a game, but he didn’t, so I don’t see why you’d imply he should be fined for it.

  • Colin

    This is so typical of the black race.

  • MisterTwister

    @Colin: and saying that all gays should be put to death is so typical of the white race…

  • Colin

    @MisterTwister: No. That’s typical of all races. Nice try, but no.

  • MisterTwister

    @Colin: you can say the same about your comment too. Now crawl back under your rock.

  • Colin

    @MisterTwister: Nope. Blacks are known for this kind of behavior. Nice try again, but you suck.

  • MisterTwister

    @Colin: Head over to and read how those str8 white people talk about Jerry Sandusky and what a huge Fa88ot he is. So you fail good night.

  • Colin

    @MisterTwister: How do you know they’re white? You don’t know anything. And that still doesn’t change the fact that black people mostly talk like this. So you continue to fail.

    Good night!

  • ChykolateDrop

    @MisterTwister: Why are you wasting your words on this creature? Everyone on here knows that he is a dumb phuck so don’t waste your time.

  • Colin

    @ChykolateDrop: Why are you talking to yourself?

  • KV

    Slow news day.

  • Daez

    @Colin: If you want to make the statement that only black people act homophobic and use homophobic language then please explain every red state that is ran by bigoted white people that hate blacks almost as much as they hate gays if not more. I grew up in a small town. We had 2 black people in the entire town, and the entire town as homophobic while I was growing up. I’ve been called a faggot to my face and out of car windows by white people much more than I ever have by black people.

    I moved to a larger city and worked at a job where there were more blacks than whites, and the blacks were hugely accepting.


    Amar Stoudemire, is an Moslim name. South Africa, apartheid was great!! .

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