Drag queen Kornbread stands in front of a red backdrop, wearing a leopard print dress and a wig braided into unique shapes.
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The 15th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is right around the corner, with 16 new queens to stan. But we’re still not over the girls of Season 14, who have been keeping us fed all year long with stunts, gags, and laughs.

Chief among them is Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté, a.k.a. Demoria Elise Williams, our current reigning Miss Congeniality. Despite her untimely exit from the competition (we’ll never forgive that ankle), Kornbread has been a major fan favorite. One look at her hilarious Twitter and it’s not hard to see why…

This week, the queen took to the social platform to share plenty of details from the set of Season 14, including a secret that will forever change the way we watch Drag Race

*gasp* The confessional interview backdrop is real? We honestly assumed it was a green screen, too. But, no, those soft focus triangles and that hot pink wall really do exist. Kornbread admits the queens were gagged when they saw it, and we can understand why—it’s the moment where it would all start to sink in, like, “I’m here! I’m on Drag Race!”

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The reveal had hardcore fans all excited, with one assuming this was “tea” that could be freely spilled if the terms of Kornbread’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) were up. Of course, Kornbread denied there was any “NDA tea” to spill to begin with:

At any rate, the tweet inspired a slew of questions from followers, which Kornbread was more than happy to answer. We’ll be the first to admit she didn’t reveal anything particularly salacious or shocking, but it’s the kind of behind-the-scenes intel that’s fascinating to anyone who (like us) lives and breathes Drag Race.

For example, here’s Kornbread confirming something we long suspected:

What was Ru actually like on set?

There’ll be no “blaming it on the edit” when it comes to confessionals:

How the show pulls off those incredible custom looks for challenges like the Rusical:

Is there a drink limit in Untucked?

And, most importantly: How’s the food?

And, perhaps most exciting was the fact that this trip down memory lane inspired Kornbread to share peeks at her unused runway looks for the first time ever. As viewers know, queens come to the competition prepared for every category throughout the season. So, when they’re sent home early, that means there are plenty of looks that didn’t get their chance to shine on the main stage.

Creative queen that she is, we just knew Kornbread was sitting on some sickening looks, so it’s a thrill to get a glimpse of what we missed out on. She would’ve been eating that runway up all season long…

Say what you will about the year 2022, but at least it brought Kornbread into our lives. Ugh, we just love her so much!

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