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Lindsey Graham, strapped for cash, just got really bad news about his reelection hopes

Senator Lindsey Graham
Senator Lindsey Graham (Photo: YouTube)

Bemoan the plight of Lindsey Graham.

The South Carolina senator threw away his respectability so he could devote his political life to Donald Trump. and all he received in return was subpoenas and widespread scorn.

On Tuesday, Graham appeared on Fox News to defend his interference in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election. And beg for cash, of course.

“I did my job, and if I have to do it over again, I will. For the last year, I’ve been inundated with this,” he whined to Sean Hannity.

“I’ve spent almost $1.5 million from my campaign funds to deal with this, whether I’m getting myself reelected or helping other Republicans. Donald Trump has spent $40 million in three different jurisdictions. And if you want to help me pay my bill, LindseyGraham.com.”

$1.5 million from his campaign fund?! Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani, both of whom are broke and unsuccessfully pleading with Trump for cash, are breaking out their small violins.

But yeah: poor Lindsey! He also claimed in the Hannity interview that he did nothing wrong in Georgia. Instead, he was conducting his due diligence before certifying the election results.

“I had to vote, as a United States senator, whether to certify the election. So what did I do? I called people all over the country, including the secretary of state of Georgia. I called him from my Senate office with my staff on the phone to ask questions about mail-in voting,” he said.

Georgia’s Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger, has a different recollection of Graham’s conduct. He says the anti-gay pol asked him about throwing out legal votes.

The irony is, Graham should consider himself lucky. Despite the special grand jury recommending charges for the shameless anti-LGBTQ+ senator, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis spared Graham from indictment (she indicted 18 of Trump’s co-conspirators in total).

Not bad for a guy who was forced by the Supreme Court to cooperate in the inquiry.

When news of Trump’s indictment came down last month, Graham covered for the disgraced ex-president.

It was a characteristically embarrassing summer for Graham, who melted down in a memorable Fox News spot and told everybody he loves it when Trump “beats him like a drum.”

Girl, we already knew…

But here’s the saddest thing of all about Graham’s devotion to the MAGAverse: it’s one way. Earlier this summer, he was booed off the stage at a Trump rally in his home state.

And now, he could be facing a primary challenger. Hardcore right-wing rep. Ralph Nordham, a high-profile member of the Freedom Caucus, said Wednesday he’s considering running against the four-term incumbent.

Graham’s apparent crimes against conservatism include voting for a government funding bill and supporting Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

While the primary isn’t until 2026, Graham now has more potential issues to fret over. That’s why he needs your money!


Help out the poor grifter if you can.