Sen. Lindsey Graham is trying a new strategy in his harebrained defense of Donald Trump.

This week, the antigay senator from South Carolina went on Fox News to say Trump’s second impeachment trial was basically over before it began and that the ex-president would definitely be declared not guilty of inciting the January 6 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol because the real person to blame is, wait for it, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Here’s what I want to know,” Graham told Sean Hannity. “What did Nancy Pelosi know and when did she know it?”

That’s right, folx. Lindsey Graham actually wants people to entertain the idea that Nancy Pelosi might have something to do unleashing the angry mob that tried to kill her.

Graham made similar ridiculous insinuations last month when he suggested to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that Pelosi is at least partially culpable for the failed assassination attempt against her.

(Spoiler: Nancy Pelosi is not at all culpable for the failed assassination attempt against her.)

“It was horrendous to see people take over the Capitol, the House and the Senate, beat officers, defile the seat of government,” Graham squealed. “How in the hell did that happen? Where was Nancy Pelosi? It’s her job to provide Capitol security. We’ll get to the bottom of that!”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York told MSNBC that he just can’t take Graham seriously anymore.

(Side note: We stopped taking Graham seriously years ago!)

“It’s sad,” Jeffries said. “Because during the days in which he traveled alongside John McCain he projected that he was a much different figure than the individual who he’s turned out to be.”

Here’s how other folx on Twitter have been responding to Graham’s “Blame Nancy!” defense…

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