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Madison Cawthorn wannabe Bo Hines ridiculed over his big gun

Bo Hines shows off his big gun
Bo Hines shows off his weapon (Photo: Twitter)

A prospective GOP lawmaker faced widespread ridicule online this week over his latest campaign materials.

Bo Hines, 26, is running for election to the US House to represent North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District in November. Given their politics, age and districts, it will come as little surprise that Hines is a buddy of North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

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The two also share similar, far-right, ‘America First’ politics. On his campaign website, Hines boasts of being in favor of “traditional marriage” (which we presume means he’s against same-sex marriage) and “100% pro-Trump”. He has been endorsed by both Cawthorn and Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

Hines, a former college football player who married his second wife, Mary, last year, is also “100% pro-gun”. In fact, he happily reminds people about this often, including posting photos with his weapons.

A couple of postings this week have been roundly mocked on Twitter.

Lots of people were thinking the same thing.

It looks like Hines’ guns are getting bigger. This was an Instagram pic he posted at Christmas.


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A post shared by Bo Hines (@bohinesnc)

Many will not let him forget his favored choice of footwear from that image.

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