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Man receives round of applause after shutting down a group of homophobes inside movie theater


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As Bollywood continues to follow Hollywood’s trend toward embracing more queer-inclusive stories, a gay Indian couple has taken to the internet to describe their harrowing experience seeing a new romantic comedy.

Badhai Do has secured strong buzz thanks to its inclusion of LGBTQ characters. The film tells the story of a so-called “lavender wedding,” that is, a marriage between a lesbian and gay man for the purposes of social acceptance and obligation.

So far, the movie has earned praise for the performances of its two leads, Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar, as well as for its blending of drama and humor.

Boyfriends Agniva and Priyanjul Johari decided to see the film together, but they ended up having an experience they didn’t expect. In a post to Instagram, the couple detailed how they encountered hecklers in the theater.


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A post shared by Priyanjul Johari • // (@141.269)

Johari then goes on to describe a group of adults sitting several rows up that became visibly–and audibly–uncomfortable during the scenes discussing homosexuality.

“I came to watch the wrong movie,” one person said.

“You are enjoying it too much…do you also belong to the same category,” another added.

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Later, one of the male characters in the film comes out as gay while giving an impassioned speech defending LGBTQ people. At that point, Johari says he burst into applause… which only earned the ire of the haters.

“He must be gay for sure,” one of the hecklers uttered.

That’s when Johari says he lost his temper.

“Yes, I’m gay and I’m here with my man,” he screamed, telling the group that he and his boyfriend have been together four years, and that their families have given the couple their blessing. “Do you have a problem?” he asked the hecklers.

“Everyone heard me yell. The whole theatre fell dead silent,” he recalled.

After a moment, the entire room burst into applause… except for the hecklers, of course, who kept their mouths shut for the rest of the film.

As a final note to this uplifting story, Johari’s viral post actually attracted the attention of the star of Badhai Do, Bhumi Pednekar, who praised the couple for their courage in standing up to the haters.

Badhai Do is now playing in theatres in India. Watch the trailer below. (No subtitles, unfortunately!)

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