Man’s Penis Cracks Open After He Injects It With Vaseline, Calls It “The Worst Mistake In My Life!”

27C5E57800000578-3046769-image-m-36_1429520705915Just when we thought we’d heard it all, a Hungarian man injected his penis with petroleum jelly. He wanted it to appear larger. Instead, the organ became so swollen and the pain so intense that he stopped being able to have sex.

“Every day is difficult for me,” 24-year-old Szilveszter (pictured) recently lamented in TLC’s latest freak show Extreme Beauty Disasters. “It’s very painful and bleeding. This was the worst mistake in my life!”

“I had to stop having sex,” he continued. “It’s too painful.”

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Szilveszter went on to explain that he first got the idea to inject his dong with Vaseline from a friend.

“I said to my friend I want to lose weight as I think my penis is small,” he recalled. “He said you don’t need to lose weight, I can help you. My friend injected in my penis Vaseline. Afterwards I was happy as it looked bigger.”

But that gratification was only temporary. Nine moths later, Szilveszter’s penis began to change forms, becoming swollen and misshapen. On top of that, his foreskin swelled up 15 times its regular size, cracking in several places. The pain was insurmountable.

Szilveszter went to several doctors, but none of them said they could help. So he turned to plastic surgeon Dr. Vik Vijh from Extreme Beauty Disasters.

“I have been doing plastic surgery now for 20 years,” Vijh said, “and I have never seen anything like this. Injecting petroleum jelly into the penis makes no sense on any level.”

“His penis,” the doctor added, “is a disaster.”

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An MRI scan revealed large, hard bumps had formed inside of Szilveszter’s wiener as a result of the Vaseline injections.

Vijh explained to the patient: “Your body has formed scar tissue around the Vaseline because it’s a foreign body, your body is trying to ward it off and it gives you these painful lumps, it will soon start to ulcer through the skin.”

The only way to heal Szilveszter’s frankenpenis, Vijh said, was to literally skin the thing, then surgically remove the Vaseline and scar tissue.

“I have never done this before,” he said before the surgery, “but fingers crossed we can save his penis.”

Thankfully, everything worked out in the end. After several hours on the operating table, all of the Vaseline that had been injected into Szilveszter’s penis was removed and the organ restored back to normal.

“I am much better,” he now says. “It has healed well. It’s pain-free and working. I can have sex.”

He also says he’s learned his lesson and that he won’t try anymore D.I.Y. penis experiments.

Here’s hoping.

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  • Pj Hutchinson

    Ew this is fucking disgusting

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    “You can convince a fat person to do anything to lose weight; except diet and exercise.” Roseanne Barr

  • Evan Gainder

    What in gods green earth was this man on?

  • Vince Bayard

    Second worse mistake, taking it public…

  • Kevin Cato

    Nobody had to know this.

  • Michael Stevens

    That’s not where you put the vaseline for sex …

  • DonW

    Hey headline writer: I think you mean “the worst mistake of my life.” “The worse mistake” implies there have only been two, which in this chump’s case sounds highly unlikely.

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  • Terry Weatherford

    And…… Now everyone knows he had a small penis.

  • Kathy Griffith

    LOL I’m sure he means Worst :)

  • Gregory McDaniel

    At least someone this stupid will not be reproducing.

  • imperator

    Meanwhile, a whole cluster of other dumb dipshits are disfiguring themselves sucking on shot glasses to try and get Kylie Jenner’s “pouty” lips. “The Information Age” my ass, people are fucking *stupid as hell.*

  • polarisfashion

    I’ll bet that hurt like the dickens!

  • Desert Boy

    Boys, just leave your pecker alone. Don’t inject shit into it, don’t stretch your nut sack with weights and if you’re circumcised, don’t try to reattach the foreskin. You are perfect the way you are.

  • Nick Helliwell

    How can folk actually inject their junk? Sadists lol

  • Billy Budd

    The lube goes OUTSIDE the dick, not inside. Don’t people ever learn the basics?

  • Giancarlo85

    Wtf was this guy thinking?

    Oh wait… he wasn’t thinking at all.

  • Billy Budd

    Here in Brazil a famous hooker/reality show celebrity named “Andressa Urach” almost died after injecting liters of hidrogel (Polymethylmethacrylate) in her buttocks and legs. She is now deformed after a series of reparative surgeries and infections and then became another religious nut. Of every 10 words she says, GOD is said at least once.

  • tdh1980

    I want to have sympathy for people, yet their stupidity doesn’t give me reason to.

  • Bauhaus

    I’ve had more fun and pleasure with Vaseline ON my dick, than I dare share here.

  • P Leo Melton

    Kathy Miller….why did I think of you first?!?!?

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    It’s not even interesting.
    Gay news?

  • Jeff Miller

    I like to read some stupid, sick sh*t.. But I just can’t?️

  • seaguy

    Vaseline is petroleum jelly which means it is derived from oil, why on earth would anyone think it was safe to inject that into your body anywhere, much less your dick?

  • Jeff Evens

    What tha wha?

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    WTF!!! I can’t even handle how horrible that sounds.

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    Andrew Kerr Carlos Mangubat Elizabeth AliceAlexandra MelAmelia HermawanGen Marks

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    Not even gonna click on this one.

  • jwtraveler

    Why would anyone inject anything into their body without a doctor’s approval and without knowing the consequences? Vanity makes people stupid.

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    LOL… what a Muppet…

  • Deon Letsoalo

    I stopped reading this madness at “foreskin”. Fucking disgusting!

  • Blackceo

    Darwin Award nominee.

  • Christopher Narvaez

    Sad that comments are abusive when the lgbt community has the biggest problem with self image.

  • Ron Parsons

    His friend did what? I have some good friends…friends I can call to bury a body…but to inject something into my penis?!? No. Can’t say we are that close.

  • Luis Collazo

    Won’t even read this one!

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    Yea Duh! Injecting ANYTHING into your penis. .. Dumb Ass

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    Benjamin Douglas Buchanan

  • Zac Coffey

    I want to see this on “Botched”.

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    I’m not surprised. I’ve seen people in pr0n that injected silicone and saline into themselves and it made their ugly small junk even more grotesque.

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