Double shot of Mary Trump wearing glasses next to Ivanka Trump speaking on screen.

Is Ivanka Trump about to spill the beans?

At least one member of the family thinks so!

Mary Trump, who’s seemingly enjoying her deranged uncle’s legal perils, just predicted the eldest Trump daughter will flip on her dad if she testifies in his $250 million civil fraud trial.

“She’s just going to tell the truth and throw him under the bus,” she told the journalist Molly Jong-Fast.

For months, Ivanka has been trying to extricate herself from her daddy’s fraud case, in which he’s accused of lying about the value of his real estate portfolio to secure cheaper rates from banks and insurers.

While an appeals court dismissed all charges against the former first daughter, New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking her testimony. That propelled Ivanka to try and squash her subpoena, with her lawyers arguing she wasn’t properly served.

Last week, Judge Arthur Engoron denied Ivanka’s request. She was originally slated to take the witness stand Friday, but Engoron pushed her date back to next Wednesday, November 8.

That’s not a good sign! Reports indicate Engoron switched dates, because he thinks prosecutors are going to need more time to get through all the questions they have. Court sessions usually only last half a day on Fridays, whereas Wednesday is a full day.


With that in mind, Ivanka is still fighting the ruling. On Wednesday, she filed an appeal in yet another attempt to avoid testifying.

Ivanka, who served as a senior advisor in the Trump White House, is trying everything to distance herself from her family’s legal woes. But she keeps getting dragged into them, despite her best efforts.

Forbes recently published a lengthy expose about how she helped her dad inflate the values of his properties and lie about his net worth. Much like her old man, she exaggerated the size of her family’s properties, increasing the number of acres.

The writer Dan Alexander says the Trumps “had a habit of noting the per-acre price of a smaller parcel and throwing out a puffed-up number of acres, thus leaving the impression that the property must have been more valuable than it actually was.”

Earlier in the trial, it was revealed that a Trump Park Avenue penthouse was valued at two and a half times higher in business records than the price Ivanka was quoted when she was considering buying the apartment.

James’ lawsuit also alleges Ivanka was offered an even bigger penthouse in the same building for roughly $30 million less than it was valued.

In other words, Ivanka is deeeeep in this, which is probably why she’s trying so damn hard to slaw her way out of it. Mary contends she’ll do anything to save herself.

She’s previously compared Ivanka to her grandfather, Fred Trump Sr., whom she’s called a “high-functioning sociopath.”

“She actually reminds me of my grandfather a little bit,” Mary said, “which is not a compliment.”

In the aforementioned interview, Mary says she doesn’t think Ivanka will hesitate to turn on her father, because he would do the same thing.

“[He would] throw her under the bus if he needed to, because he doesn’t care about anybody,” she said.

Trump’s two dunderhead son, Eric and Don Jr., are also listed as defendants in the case. Don Jr. testified Wednesday, and is back on the stand today.

Eric is expected to take the stand today as well.

In his testimony Wednesday, Don Jr. blamed the Trump Organization’s accounting firm for any errors.

Making family matters even more interesting, the ex-president himself is scheduled to testify next week as well. Mary has no doubt he’ll betray his kids, if necessary.

She says that’s something they’ll all have to consider as they face questioning.

“They’re going to have to walk a very thin line between obfuscating in a way that’s not perjury and appeasing their father’s ego so that he doesn’t throw them under the bus when he testifies, which of course he’s going to do no matter what they do,” she said.

In this version of Trump Hunger Games, it looks like selling out the others is the only way to survive.

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