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It’s ‘Mean Girls’ Day! Celebrate in the most fetch way possible.

Mean Girls

Welcome to Screen Gems, our weekend dive into queer and queer-adjacent titles of the past that deserve a watch or a re-watch.

The Holiday: Mean Girls

October 3 marks the newly-minted holiday Mean Girls Day, and as such, we think it’s time to celebrate.

Mean Girls, of course, won great reviews and became a major hit when it debuted back in 2004. The film follows the arrival of wide-eyed innocent Cady (Lindsay Lohan) into an upper-middle-class high school, and the vicious fellow females she encounters from the outset. The Plastics, led by the uber-nasty Regina (Rachel McAdams), dominate student life with their mixture of snark, beauty and cunning manipulation. A war of sorts ensues as Cady and Regina both try to assert their personalities within the high school dynamic, with both women becoming more and more superficial and vicious as a result.

Lindsay Lohan may have become a household name based on the success of Mean Girls, though the film’s real legacy comes from its announcement of Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried as up-and-coming starlets, along with Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett. Both Franzese and Bennett would go on to successful acting careers, and become outspoken, out-gay advocates. Writer Tina Fey too would find herself pushed into a higher echelon of Hollywood writers, as the film developed a cult around it that has only expanded over time.

Witty, deep and oh so fetch, Mean Girls is exactly the kind of comfort food we need this weekend. To further celebrate the day, we also recommend rallying some friends to play Burn Book, the new party game based on the movie.. Burn Book, as the name implies, involves throwing a bit of shade among friends. Each player answers a question about every other player, for example, “trademark pickup line” or “first dating website screen name.” Each player then must correctly attribute the snarky answers to every other player, which brings out—shall we say—the frequent burns. It also brings about frequent laughs in our experience, which wins it a strong recommendation. Fans of Mean Girls will revel in the bitchery, while everyone else will enjoy the mixture of creativity, wit, and cheeky jibes.

Enjoy both the game and the original movie this weekend. Tall glass of wine optional but encouraged.

Mean Girls streams on Paramount+, Amazon, YouTube & VUDU.

Burn Book available from Big Potato and at Target.

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