“Mean Girls'” Jonathan Bennett’s Bizarre Response To What It’s Like To “Play” Gay

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 10.40.03 AMWell, it’s funny, it’s funny, well, it’s, I mean, it’s funny because I, uh, it’s funny because me and [costar] Adam Senn were friends before, uh, Hit the Floor (Bennett’s latest acting gig). We had known each other back when we were, you know, kids in New York City. So to get to come on the show and get to, like, see him act and, like, [he’s] all grown up—that was, that was really interesting. And it was really fun to, like … thank God he was there, because I was nervous coming into it because there is so much, you know, pressure with this storyline, and with the content, with this character—there’s a lot of pressure all around. So having Adam, having known Adam before this, made it all easier. And Brent Antonello is the nicest guy you could ever work with.”

— Actor Jonathan Bennett, in response to the prompt “I’m hoping you haven’t been asked the dreaded questions when actors take on gay roles, like, ‘What was it like to play gay?’ or ‘Do you think it’s brave to play gay?’

Full interview on Boy Culture

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  • Jordan Harrison

    He is such a cocky asshole in person.

  • Adam Nagel

    He’s not just playing gay ,HE IS GAY!!

  • DCguy

    This is why more people need to come out. The sheer panic this guy seems to feel over the subject is just sad.

  • robho3

    You know your career is in the toilet when your hosting a show about cupcakes.

  • Lestar

    he sounds so nervous…heart palpitations, sweat dripping down his body, mouth dried up, butt shaking, left eye twitching…

  • Captain Obvious

    They’re both gay and closeted apparently despite being obvious so I find it funny they already know each other. The director of Hit the Floor is totally out though and pushes the limit so it’s fun to watch.

  • MarionPaige

    The character played by Adam Senn on Hit the Floor had no sexual preference, at least at the beginning. Often wondered why the “gay” story line on the show hasn’t been covered more by the gay blogs.

  • Dor Atias

    Yuval Tamir

  • Sweetie Pie

    I bet he`s a bottom

  • Captain Obvious

    @MarionPaige: They probably don’t know because they weren’t watching it. The storyline comes out of nowhere pretty deep into season 2 of a show marketed to black women. The first season the cast was primarily black and most of the characters are women.

    I just love a good soap so I happened to love the show with no gay content, Zero, and Jude are a bonus.

  • redcarpet30

    Wonder what Daniel Franzese thinks….

  • Tab Adrian

    I thought he was out already?

  • Robert Rupp

    This was so confusing ???

  • GG

    Obviously a graduate of Palin English 101.

  • Michael Miller

    That’s just static from two brain cells rubbing together.

  • Bryguyf69

    I don’t see how his answer is “bizarre.” The interviewer asked what it was like and he described how nervous he was, and how it was helpful to see a familiar face. What was so “bizarre” about that answer? It strikes me as a very normal answer from someone trying not to say the wrong thing. The fact that it isn’t glib and obviously not well-rehearsed is a plus in my book.

  • joesey

    Oh my god if that’s what he sounds like in real life I’d rather bang my head against the wall than hear him speak

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